8 Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs to Protect Your Car’s Upholstery

8 Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs to Protect Your Car’s Upholstery

These eight best car seat covers for dogs are likely to last for many … This sleek, finely textured and waterproof hammock seat cover from NAC&ZAC is adequately sized at 56 inches by 63 inches. It’s actually bigger than most seat covers available.
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Silverflye Piddle Pad for Potty Training Toddlers, Infants, Baby | Liner for Car Seat, Waterproof Pad with Leak Free Technology | Child Car Seat Pad with Heavy Duty Seat Saver | Mashine Wash and Dry
Silverflye Piddle Pad- 100% Guaranteed to Protect Your Child’s Car Seat and Car Seats Instantly PROBLEM Have you ever been on the …

URPOWER Pet Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets – Waterproof & Scratch Proof & Nonslip Backing & Hammock, Quilted, Padded, Durable and Machine Washable Pet Seat Covers for Cars Trucks and SUVs
We care about your car, your pet, and most of all – YOU. So we design the the cover with the most care for your safety.Heavy Duty …

OxGord Auto Seat Covers, Steering Wheel Cover, Seat Belt Pads, and Shoulder Pads – (17 Piece Set) Flat Cloth Mesh – Universal Fit, Wide Stripe, Black
You can transform your interior to a like new look easily and affordably yourself with no experience required. A complete transfor…

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars – Black, WaterProof & Hammock Convertible (Standard, Black)
“Love, love, love the seat cover it’s an amazing product. Extremely well made and the fit is even better. Makes traveling with my …

Fact uncovering the benefits and drawbacks of the latest car technology

Fact uncovering the benefits and drawbacks of the latest car technology

Technology has been playing a very significant role in the automobile industry. Cars are the essential means of transportation for everyone. They make commuting easy and less time-consuming. Over the years, technology has been advancing from time to time until the modern car. Today, some cars can do much more than others can, although there are still some drawbacks associated with latest car technology. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of car technology.

Easy diagnosis

When a modern car develops some mechanical problem, it is easy to know the exact spot where the problem is without taking a lot of time testing. Before advances in technology, the mechanic would go through a cumbersome process to identify the problem. However, today, everything is computerized, and all the engineer will be required to do is connect your car to the system, and it will analyze the entire functionality of the car and give an accurate diagnosis without numerous trial and error as it used to be earlier.

Fights traffic

Some cars can communicate and tell the user on, which roads traffic is bad and the ones that are good. For a period, traffic has been the biggest problem in the transportation industry. People used to leave their homes early to ensure that they get to work or other destinations on time. A place where it would take you one-hour drive, due to traffic, it takes 2-3 hours. The new technology in the modern car gives you detailed calculations on the possibilities of how long it will take you in traffic and suggests an alternative route and how fast it will take you to get to where you are going.

Consumes more gas

The more technology is advancing, the more the cost of driving your car gets. Today, to drive an SUV latest model from one place to another it will cost you almost times more than it would with the other version of the same car. This is because the more technology is involved in the mechanism of the car, the more it will consume to ensure proper functionality of the entire car. Additionally, the engine size of the latest model is bigger than the others were, therefore, making the demand for fuel to be higher.

Car to car communication

When driving, there is a higher possibility of accidents on the road. Every day, the roads experience numerous car accidents. However, with the recent car-to-car communication technology, your car can calculate the speed of a car coming from a different direction and the one ahead of you. Once it has calculated, it sends the signals to the other car and evaluates the possibilities of which lanes you can use and avoid corroding with the other car.


Another drawback of technology in the modern car is their cost. Although this car has all, it takes to make life interesting, affording it is only for a few. This is because the manufacturers want to ensure that everything is paid for accordingly to reward their efforts in making the car.

Difficult finding parts

Finding some of this Porsche performance parts is very difficult due to cost and others the manufacturers are yet to produce. Therefore, when the model car develops a mechanical problem, it takes a long period to get it fixed since you will have to take it to the manufacturers for repair. While with the old model, it will only take you few hours to get to a mechanic and the problem is solved faster. Additionally, it’s also difficult to purchase some of this performing parts for the once that are there. This is due to high cost of the parts.


With all the facts uncovering above, there are still possibilities of improving the use of technology even to the automobile industry. As technology is taking routes in every aspect of human life, embracing its basics will make transportation convenient for everyone. However, although technology has been growing, and the automobile has been changing, there are still older versions of cars that are yet to advance in technology, but they are still efficient and convenient.

Why Elon Musk says 50% of all cars will be electric by 2027

Computer Hardware

It’s time to hit the reset button on the gas engine. As you may already know, the electric car is now much more viable than it was 10 years ago—there are charging stations in every major city scattered everywhere, particularly at hotels and along major highways. One glance at just the Tesla supercharger network of 900 stations proves that point.

Yet, to reach the point where more than half of all new cars are fully electric by 2027—as Elon Musk predicted recently—there needs to be a massive undertaking that only the enterprise can understand. It is not a consumer endeavor but one that must be backed by IT, similar to an E…
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Out this week: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Cars 3, Black the Fall, Minecraft Story Mode – Season 2, more


Out this week: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Cars 3, Black the Fall, Minecraft Story Mode – Season 2, more

This week’s biggest new release is easy to pinpoint. Off the back of the success of last year’s FF XV, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is turning the heads of even those who never experienced the original. It also gained Eurogamer’s ‘recommended …
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Power Rangers Green Ranger & Dragonzord RC
Who dares to stand up to the Green Ranger and his towering Dragonzord? Rita … Goldar … Lord Zedd? This Zord is bigger, badder …

Batman: Return to Arkham (UK)
Batman: Arkham Asylum exposes players to a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure that takes them to the depths of Arkham Asylum -…

Batman: The Telltale Series (Xbox One)
Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne in this dark and violent new story and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequenc…

Mad Max (Xbox One)
Mad Max delivers open-world gameplay in a post-apocalyptic setting where cars are the key to survival. Gamers become Mad Max, a lo…

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (PS4) (UK IMPORT)
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series delivers a brand new story of the universe’s unlikeliest heroes, the rag-tag…

Auto safety devices that can help seniors with older cars

Auto safety devices that can help seniors with older cars

These come with a weatherproof, night vision camera, which attaches to the license plate on the rear of the car. When the car is in reverse, it sends live images wirelessly to a small monitor that mounts to the dash or windshield. The Yada Digital Wireless …
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Cars Lightning League v1.0 MOD APK – PARA HİLELİ


Cars Lightning League v1.0 PARA HİLELİ APK, sonsuz koşu ve araba sürme oyunlarını seviyorsanız denemeniz gerektiğini düşündüğüm yapımcılığını ünlü Disney stüdyosunun üstlendiği Android platformuna yeni giriş yapan oyunlardan birisidir. Amacınız kontrolünü sağladığınız Arabalar filmindeki araçlar ile bulunduğunuz bol engelli yollarda ilerleyerek kaza yapmadan görevleri tamamlamaktır. Cars Lightning League içinde yaşanan maddi sorunlardan ve genel zorluklardan dolayı MOD […]

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Honda Vision 2030: Mass Production of Autonomous Electric Cars


Japanese automobile giants Honda Motor Co are planning to future proof the company by developing autonomous electric cars. On Thursday, the company talked about plans – as part of its Honda Vision – to develop autonomous cars which would be commercially available by 2025. Car industry has seen a major shift in future visions as […]

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Fiete Cars – Car Racing App Lets Children Become Creators of their Game


Cologne based Ahoiii Entertainment releases Fiete Cars 2.0, an update to their popular and educational kids app for iOS. Fiete Cars gives children even more possibilties of creating their own unique car game. To build creative car routes, kids can now use all crazy building parts and special effects for free. Additionally, there are 20 new vehicles! Kids can choose with which of the in total 40 cars, flying objects and animals they want to experience funny adventures on their self-built tracks….
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Will Future Autonomous Cars Fly Like Birds or Tunnel Like Moles?

Latest News

It is kind of amazing how much advancement is going on in the autonomous car space. A year ago, we were mostly talking about cars that seemed comparatively boring, because they just drove on the surface. How quaint — how 2016. Now when we mention “boring,” we may be talking about Elon Musk’s new underground tunneling idea. However, a little company called “Airbus” disagrees. It plans to start testing its autonomous flying car this year in Silicon Valley — I expect so it can buzz Musk’s Tesla plant there….