4 Technologies That Have Made Driving Safer

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4 Technologies That Have Made Driving Safer

A minimum of 1,250,000 people die annually and another fifty million sustain injuries due to road accidents according to the World Health Organization . 95 percent of these accidents are attributed to human error. Technology adoption, therefore, is no longer an option for automobile manufacturers. Thankfully, technology continues to be finessed and developed on a daily basis. So much so that the amount of money used in the development of technology stood at $ 3.7 trillion as of 2017. This is thanks to a wide variety of new technology applications in different fields in the economy.

Technology and The Automobile Industry

The vehicle manufacture industry is one of the sectors that have largely taken up the use of new technology. Incorporating artificial intelligence in car technologies is an aspect that is greatly being explored as resulting cars are safer and more convenient. When selecting a new or used car to buy, customers nowadays check for tech-savvy car safety features alongside comfort, performance, and cost. Technology, thereby, has enabled the production of more reliable and user-friendly cars. Some of the technologies that have actualized the dream of safer roads include the following:

Android And Apple Car Connection

Car features such as entertainment systems, navigation, and climate control can at times be complicated and non-user friendly. It is for this reason that manufacturers have decided to integrate the car with man’s new favorite thing, the smartphone. By using a familiar voice command, drivers can access say google maps or select playlists on their smartphones without taking their eyes off the road. This very technology has also allowed for smartphone integration with cars through the use of corresponding applications. These apps, in turn, allow the driver to lock or unlock the car, check on fuel level, start the car remotely and give an alert when service is due. Something that many car owners tend to forget.

Self Parking Technology

Finding a parking spot can be a daunting task especially when visiting recreational places such as parks or museums. Technology has however made life easier for drivers. The latest cars come fitted with front and rear sensors and advanced GPS systems that have not only made self-parking a reality but have also enabled cars to find available parking slots all on their own. Car manufacturers such as BMW have even gone further and integrated their car with a park mobile app. This app enables a driver to reserve and pay for parking prior to arriving in different cities in the United States.

Self Steering Technology

Technology has allowed the fitting of computer-controlled eyes to watch the road as one drives to avoid accidents. Tech advancements have seen the installation of automatic braking systems, lane departure warning systems, and anti-skidding technology. Automatic braking comes in handy where a car senses slow response to an emergency that involves a collision and brakes automatically. Anti-skidding technology gives a car additional stability on slippery roads by slowing down and automatically steering allowing the driver to regain control. The importance of lane departure technology cannot be overemphasized. In case a driver sleeps on the wheel and departs from their designated lane, this particular technology triggers an alarm so they can stay alert and get back on track. Advanced systems automatically steer you back all on their own. This feature has without a doubt greatly helped reduce the number of car crashes.

Teen Control Technology

Having teens as car owners can be nerve-wracking at times. When driving, they always feel the need to show off in front of their friends or get some adrenaline pumping which usually involves reckless driving. New technology has however made sure that parents will have less to worry about. Modern cars come with teen limiting features. These include warnings sent to parents in case a set speed limit is exceeded or the disabling of a car’s stereo, the one thing teenagers value the most, in case seatbelts are not fastened. The Chevrolet car model even generates reports in case any safety features were deployed.

Technological advancements in the vehicle industry are being made daily. The above mentioned are just but a few examples. Luckily, and contrary to popular belief, technologically advanced cars are accessible and very affordable. Don’t be left behind. Invest in cars fitted with such technologies for safer more efficient driving.

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