5 Facts that make Peugeot 5008 stand out form others

Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 5008

A 2010 model, Peugeot 5008 is a luxury vehicle designed for big families who want to enjoy comfort and style during any ride. It is a compact MPV model that measures 1.64 in height and 4.53 meters in length. It provides a high and useful cargo volume, giving optimal convenience.

Standard equipment consists of two navigation systems, distance alert platform, head-up display, and a  multi-media system. Under the hood, it has petrol engines, including 1.6-liter VTi (156 bhp and120 bhp). It also includes diesel engines like 1.6-liter HDi (110 bhp).

Cool Things About 5008 Model You Might Not Know

  • A Luxurious Interior for Pleasurable Driving

The driver’s seat of the 5008 is highly innovative and original in the industry. The raised driving position gives the driver optimal safety and excellent visibility. The designers have succeeded in developing the ergonomics of the position. The car really provides the driver with maximum control, thanks to wheel vertical angle of inclination and the quality of the seats.

  • A Very Spacious and Bright Interior

The 5008 Peugeot is known for a wide front windscreen that’s increased by the panoramic glass roof. Passengers will be amazed by the fascinating panoramic view and bright interior. With the rear quarter panel windows, side windows, and the rear windscreen, the surface area measures 5.77 m2.

Aside from an eye-catching interior, the car is spacious. Elbow width measures 1466 mm at the front. The second row is 1520 mm with three individual seats. The third row measures 1341 mm. Legroom, on the other hand, is also generous and stress-free and can significantly accommodate tall passengers without any hassles.

Passengers looking to optimize their seating wouldn’t have to worry as the seats in the second row are specially designed with back tilting positions and can slide over a length of 130 mm.

  • Spectacular Modularity

The modularity of the model is of the highest order within its segment. The second row encompasses of three seats with equal width and features reclining seatbacks. They are also foldable, forming a flat surface for the rear loading sill. Another useful thing to note is that front passenger seat can be folded flat to load long objects.

The second-row seats have a cinema positioning that allows easy access to the passengers in the third row. While the seat cushion lifts, the seat back moves forward to free up space for another person to get into the car. This modularity is highly advanced, offering endless possibilities and exceeding all occupants’ needs.

  • High-end Technology for Enhanced Safety

Peugeot 5008 sets a new standard when it comes to comfortable and safe driving, thanks to the introduction of innovative technology to the people carrier segment. First, it has a head-up display borrowed from a fighter aircraft cockpit. It features important driving information such as cruise control, speed, and distance alert. As a result, the driver doesn’t need to take his eyes from the road.

Second, the 5008 has a distance alert that helps the driver comply with enough and right distance. This equipment informs the driver if he’s driving too close to another car in front. As a non-intrusive device, the driver can control the vehicle from start to finish.

Third, it composes of a slow-motion, which is an excellent traction control system. Not only does it add an intelligent function to a traction control system, but it also enables the driver to move off. The driver can make effective progress on rough and snow-covered terrain. Lastly, it also has a curtain airbag that covers all seats to enhance passengers’ safety. Plus, it is equipped with six airbags, seat belt warnings, electric parking brakes, and tire under-inflation detection.

  • A Range of Eco-friendly Engines

Apart from aesthetic interior design, the 5008 is available with six generation engines. Combining fuel economy and functional performance, its engines reduce a high level of CO2 emissions. Its sustainable engines are perfect for an eco-friendly and an enjoyable ride. Despite that, it is long-lasting and sturdy. It can withstand different issues and last for years. Also constant repair and fast replacement won’t be a dilemma.

For those who are looking for a luxurious and stylish Peugeot, the 5008 is the option to go for. The car might be a little expensive but considering the plethora of useful features it offers, it’s definitely worth the money.

If you’re looking for a secure, comfy, and fun drive then you must look no further than the Peugeot 5008. It’s one of the best options which you definitely won’t regret buying.

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