Suunto 9 Multisport GPS Watch

Suunto 9 Multisport GPS Watch

Wear a watch that can go the same distance as you do with the Suunto 9 Multisport GPS Watch. Offering up to 120 hours of nonstop exercise tracking, this timepiece stays in step with you throughout all of your training. It also provides an intelligent battery life management system, complete with smart charging reminders. The Suunto 9 has three predefined battery modes including Performance, Endurance, and Ultra. These modes deliver from 25 hours to 120 hours of recording time.

Suunto 9 Watch, White

Suunto 9 Watch, White
  • Intelligent battery modes and smart reminders
  • Fused Track for better distance and track accuracy in ultra long runs
  • Sport expertise and support for over 80 sports and multisport events
  • Stay safe outdoors with storm alarm, weather trend and sunset/sunrise times

When you have your mind set on a certain goal or adventure, you want to make sure your watch can also go the distance. With up to 120 hours of continuous exercise tracking Sagunto 9 is built to last — just like you!

List Price: $ 599.00

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