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Did you know there is an Android phone in the market by an Indian manufacturer for $4? – Yes, you are not dreaming. You can get a decent working smartphone starting from $4. But that phone isn’t featured in this list.

We have complied this list to give you the very best phones for under £200. We do not want to give you a list of cheap phones because believe it or not we can do a lot better than £200 if that were the case. We want to give you a balance of well-crafted smartphones and a decent price range.

Here are best Android phones you can buy under £200.

1. Motorola Moto G5 – £165

It had to be Motorola to start off this list. Motorola is probably the inventor of great smartphones at good pricing. Moto G5 is the fifth generation of the excellent Moto G series.

Moto G5 gives you all the standard features along with a finger print scanner and gesture control options. The metallic design looks sturdy and the screen looks high-quality.

For its pricing, Moto G5 is surely a royalty amongst the reasonably priced phone. You can buy it from Amazon for a meekly £165.

It is also worth mentioning that Moto G series has offered great phones in reasonable pricing in the past. If we lived in the world of more intelligent people and less brand conscious sheep, iPhone and Samsung won’t have stood a chance – it is strongly worded, but that is my opinion.

2.Vodafone Smart V8 – £160

You might complain that with Vodafone Smart V8, you will be forced to use Vodafone only. It is a genuine restriction but at its pricing, Smart V8 is probably the best phone you can buy. With a great camera and a wonderful design, there aren’t many phones you can get for £160.

Smart V8 has a full HD display yet excellent battery timing. If you don’t mind Vodafone connection, buy this phone with eyes closed.

3. Honor 6A – £180

The Honor 6A may not be the most desirable device out there in the market. There is no finger print scanner and the specs may barely match Smart V8 and G5, the competition is stiff. However, there is very little that the Honor 6A does wrong. The device is sturdy, solid design, decent specs. I particularly like its design.

4. Lenovo P2 – £160

Lenovo P2 is a great phone. It is almost unreal in the given price. P2 boasts an HD 5.5 inch screen and a great battery time. But the standout feature has to be the long slim design. Frankly, it looks like another high-end phone at the price of peanuts.

P2 is recommended if you like to use social media and gaming a lot. The 13 megapixel camera is as good as it gets in this price range. Lenovo’s P2 is highly recommended.

5. Nokia 6 – £199

No list of affordable smartphones is complete without a Nokia model. Nokia 6 offers a very well-crafted design and a brilliant 5.5 inch screen. It is a little pricier than its competition. The display is good but the speaker sound is distinctively outstanding.

The drawback is battery life, battery timing is not that great. If you can look past that, Nokia 6 is the best phone you can get in under £200.

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