Radiomaster Zorro Max Radio Controller 2.4GHz 16CH

Radiomaster Zorro Max Radio Controller 2.4GHz 16CH ELRS/4-in-1 Multi-Protocol AG01 Mini Hall Gimbal Carbon Fiber RC Transmitter for FPV RC Racer Drone – Black 4-IN-1

Radiomaster Zorro Max

The Radiomaster Zorro Max Radio Controller is a high-performance transmitter that offers a range of features for the FPV and RC racing community. Designed for precision control and reliable communication, the Zorro Max is an essential tool for any racing enthusiast.

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Radiomaster Zorro Max Radio Controller 2.4GHz 16CH ELRS/4-in-1 Multi-Protocol AG01 Mini Hall Gimbal Carbon Fiber RC Transmitter for FPV RC Racer Drone

One of the key features of the Zorro Max is its 16-channel ELRS (Extended LRS) protocol, which offers a long-range signal transmission that is both stable and reliable. This protocol is ideal for use in large racing environments where the signal can be easily disrupted by interference from other sources.

Another feature that sets the Zorro Max apart from other transmitters on the market is its 4-in-1 multi-protocol module. This module allows the user to switch between a variety of protocols, including FrSky, FlySky, DSM2, and more, making it compatible with a wide range of different receivers and aircraft.

The Zorro Max also boasts an AG01 Mini Hall Gimbal, which provides a precise and accurate control experience that is essential for racing. This gimbal is made from carbon fiber, which makes it both lightweight and durable.

In addition to these features, the Zorro Max also offers a range of customizable settings, including the ability to adjust the stick tension and throw, as well as the ability to assign different functions to the switches and knobs on the transmitter.

Overall, the Radiomaster Zorro Max Radio Controller is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance transmitter that offers reliable signal transmission, precise control, and a range of customizable settings. Whether you are a seasoned racing veteran or just getting started in the hobby, the Zorro Max is sure to provide you with the control and flexibility you need to succeed.


  • Brand: Radiomaster
  • Model: Zorro Max
  • Color: Red / Blue / Gold / Black (Optional)
  • Gimbals: AG01 MINI Gimbals
  • Physical Dimensions: 170159108mm
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Operating Frequency: 2.400GHz-2.480GHz
  • Internal RF Options: 4-in-1 multi-protocol / ELRS
  • Supported Protocols: Module dependent / ELRS
  • RF Power: 4-in-1: 20dBm max. ELRS: Up to 250mw ( CE & FCC Versions will be available)
  • Antenna Gain: Folding 2db
  • Operational Current: [email protected]
  • Operational Voltage: 6.6-8.4v DC
  • Control Distance: 4-in-1:> 2km @ 20dbm / ELRS: Receiver and Power Output dependant
  • Operating system: OpenTX / EdgeTX Compatible
  • Control channels: Maximum 16 (Rx dependent)
  • Display: 128*64 Monochrome LCD
  • Battery: 2 x 18350 (Not included)
  • Charging: Built-in USB-C Charging
  • Gimbal: Hall-effect
  • Module Bay: Nano Size (Compatible with TBS Nano Cr0ssfire / Nano Tracer / IRC Ghost)
  • Firmware Upgrade Method: Via USB or SD card


* Optional 4 colors – Red/Blue/Gold/Black.

* AG01 MINI hall gimbals installed.

* Carbon Fiber pattern body.

* Improved CNC parts as standard.

* Upgraded Black Leather Grips.

* External Module Bay for use with Cr0ssfire / EL RS and other compatible modules.

* Available in 4in1 and ExpressLRS Versions.

* Supports OPENTX & EDGETX.

* 18350 Battery Compartments.

* Oversized LCD with adjustable brightness for any environment. 

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