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Liferay can be defined as Open Source at its best state. A product of brilliant from Liferay, Inc., Liferay has enjoyed immense success and popularity among consumers over the years. Most projects these days are developed using a global community, including the following:

– Liferay users

– Enthusiasts

– Employees

– Customers

– Partners

-Many others

The company consistently encourages creative unique features coming from community members and sterling contributions are highly encouraged.

Specialized support services are offered for users through various organizations to ensure smooth operations and integration of Liferay into projects.

Liferay Faces

The umbrella project ensures ample support for the JavaServer™ Faces (JSF) standard in Liferay Portal.


This is a UI framework that facilitates the building of very powerful and flexible web applications. AlloyUI serves as the following for leveraging patterns from some of the brilliant libraries to authorize developers across teams for delivering dynamic applications:

– JavaScript library

– Taglib library

– CSS framework

– Set of HTML recipes

Liferay IDE

It serves as the excellent breed set of Eclipse plugins. These plugins work towards accelerating and streamlining plug-in development with the Liferay Portal platform.

Liferay Portal

The enterprise web platform is suitable for developing the best business solutions that deliver instant results and longstanding value. Initially started as a personal development project for the year 2000, it was open-sourced the following year. Presently, there is an open-source “Enterprise Edition” (EE) product and “Community Edition” (CE) project for the same.

Liferay Mobile SDK

This is a framework for structuring native mobile apps that easily integrate with a variety of Liferay portlets and portal instances. SDK ensures the requisite means for mobile apps to consume core web services of the Liferay portal seamlessly and web services of custom portlets. It includes web services of Liferay JSON. This will also take care of authentication and make synchronous and/or asynchronous HTTP requests. It will also parse JSON results and handles the exception of the server-side.

SDK shows full compatibility with Liferay Portal 6.2. It comes with Liferay iOS SDK and Liferay Android SDK fully ready to download and use. Experts believe that successful software projects primarily depend on more than just the source code. All solutions must be tested, configured, and prepared in a fashion to function in taxing production environments.

Liferay Screens

Businesses can extend the reach of their portals, websites, and intranets to mobile devices with Liferay screens. They will also maintain a consistent experience for users across all known channels. It is a library of visual components for mobile developers. It can be used for building beautiful apps using a back-end such as Liferay. It also features a huge range of them able and customizable widgets. Liferay Screens, make developing apps easier and less time-consuming.

Professional Support

Several software updates and security patches are available with the support services of Liferay. Many services also ensure full support for open source Liferay through a 24-hour support team that responds to customers’ calls without delay. Users also benefit from access to the latest Liferay version, free software upgrades, subscription-only plugins, etc.

Management Tools

Liferay support services allow users to detect issues such as slow page load times, evaluate traffic and accomplish the serious task of bug fixes, and varied service packs.

The Confidence

Users can enjoy the much-needed Open Source confidence with support services. Apt protection is offered to customers. They are also ensured easier and smoother maintenance of business continuity with the Liferay project even under situations of intellectual property issues.

Subscription Facility

Liferay consumers can expect a timely fix of various issues that crop up from time to time. Subscription facilities ensure some specific years of updates and support of educated and experienced engineers holding expertise on the product roadmap and feature requests.

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