Network Cable Tester – Essential Information

Network Cable Tester

A 1000-lumen flashlight is a useful device for every electrician to have as is a network cable tester, which is an electronic device with the basic function to verify the electrical connection of a network cable and is as useful as a. This is a handheld device and is a vital one for someone involved in networking tasks. It is important to have strong signal strength as far as a computer network is concerned. This type of device is available in many different shapes and sizes and allows multiple functionalities. 


It is useful for checking several issues with a networking cable like insulation losses and crossed wiring. This is one device that is fairly easy to use as well. There are many types of cable testers for the many different types of cables and is useful to verify the wire is set up properly. This article provides essential information about a network cable tester and explains why every electrician needs one.

Essential Information on Network Cable Tester

This type of electronic device is useful for many different applications including as a simple cable tester. It often happens that you need to make your networking cables. This will usually involve using connectors like RJ45 or BNC. It is critical to get the wiring right on these connectors, thus this type of device is very useful to ensure good connectivity has been achieved. Some of the other tasks of a networking professional involve testing the end-to-end connectivity of a cable while trying to fix an issue, this device makes accomplishing such tasks a breeze.

Common Applications

A network cable tester has a large number of applications some of which have already been mentioned in this article. It is useful when you are setting up a network or installing a new computer on a network and need to ensure that the network connectivity is present. Thus, it is typically used after setting up a network.

Some of the other conditions when you might require this type of device is when a connection between the server and the computers on the network is very weak. This is also the device to use in case of external interference that is resulting in data loss or bad signal strength. Besides this, it is essential equipment when trying to diagnose a faulty cable.

How does it work?

The way this device works is it sends a signal from one end of the cable to another and if the message is received on the other end, it means that the cable connectivity is normal. The working of this device is very similar to that of a tone generator since it generates a tone that travels through a LAN cable passing from one end to another. It requires connecting the devices to one end and placing a secondary device at the other end to ensure the signal bounces back. This device can measure the signal bouncing back, besides which it can also diagnose the tone coming from other devices connected at the other end of the cable; this can be a computer or a switch.

Why does every Electrician Need One?

Comput er networking is a fairly simple task and involves making sure all the cables originating from the main server or switch are installed in the right manner and connected correctly. However, this is only easy if everything works perfectly fine and nothing goes wrong. If something does go wrong during the installation or an issue arises with the computer network, diagnosing this issue is not the easiest task. It is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. The networking cable can be connecting any number of computers, printers, telephones, servers, storage devices, security devices, etc. Fixing an issue in the network would ideally mean methodically diagnosing the problem using special tools like a network cable tester. Thus, this is one tool that every electrician (both beginner & expert) should have to make their life easier. Total Eclipse is a place that stocks all types of tools an electrician might need.

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