Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9.0.5 FULL APK (MCPE / Beta)

Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9.0.5

Minecraft Pocket Edition FULL APK

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.9.0.5 FULL APK is one of the popular games of the Android platform which is produced by the famous MOJANG company. Your goal is to build your dream world and try to survive in the open world where you are with the man from the cube you control. Due to the restrictions found for Minecraft PE, the MOD APK is all 

What’s new in Minecraft 1.9


– Fixed navigation in the recipe book
– Improved the performance in time view recipe books
– Improved performance when browsing a large number of icons
– On the maps the players ‘ faces no longer disappear
– Fixed crash when creating fireworks from the recipe book
– Game no longer crashes when loading a single player game
– Fixed bug when using “/ summon fall_block”
– Improved the speed of generating chunks after teleporting and start the game
– Fixed the appearance of the portals from distance
Developers reduced the number of occurrences of hostile mobs
– Fixed display of baskets in the chat
Now you can decorate the beacons with stained glass Windows
– Fixed display of names of parrots
– One more fix associated with parrots is newly connected players now see it not upside down
– If you have tamed a parrot, not tame another player
– Lightning strikes the correct biomes
Now mobs will not be able to detect players through opaque solid blocks
– Fixed the command/give
– Removed the recipe for making white wool
– Colour wool can now be painted in white color
– Fixed command /clone
– Fixed command /clear
– Fixed wings of an Ender Dragon in Vanilla texture pack
– For Android 6.0 and 7.0, the game will run in the language selected by default on the device
– And fixed many other bugs and improved game performance.

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