Improving Character Design Visualization: Core Tips and Tricks to Follow

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It is for sure that without practice and research, the notion of animation becomes taxing. However, if you know how to animate but you believe that you have left out the core essence and spirit in your animation then you need further improvement in your character animation.

You might have observed how the popularity of animated video content has led businesses and individuals to find an animation video maker company to work with. If your goal is to opt for animation as a professional and lucrative career and you believe that you require improvement in animated character creation, then we have the right tips for you.

Study and add movement

This should be your prime step as it is the most detailed and research-based. When animating a character, you have to take care of the movement the most. You can define the posture and poses of a character in a static visual but it becomes an arduous trial when you have to animate it. Analyze the human movements before you begin to animate or an easier approach is to make certain movements yourself and then add them to the character animation.

Acquire the right references

Once you have analyzed the movement styles and posture forms, the next step is the accurate representation of facial expressions. Animating the face and its relevant expressions might be the trickiest part but it becomes easy if you record and capture different types of reactions, facial references, and styles beforehand. After you have gathered the references you need, proceed to animate your character according to it.

Focus on posture styles

Without refinement, your character design would look rusty and uneven. Shapes do not have a defined line of action or emotion but characters do. Give emphasis to the key poses and styles that bring significance to your character. Having a key pose results in memorability and it would be something your audience would remember your animation by. Do not stiffen the design instead animate slickly and incorporate a flair of smoothness to your animation.

Use default model designs

You do not have to design and animate everything from scratch, as better alternatives to it exist. Acquire default or pre-defined character models from online libraries that you can import and then further customize. Animating every single pose and movement style yourself is a time-consuming endeavor and it can be eliminated with the use of basic default models.

Adding action and reaction to movement

The movement of your character will surely lead to some sort of action but how would you convey it? Begin with adding basic movement styles such as running or walking and then proceed to the next panel that includes what sort of action and reaction is related to the specific movements of your character.

Maintain the rationality of balance 

The movement, gestures, and postures of your character should be well balanced or else it would add a sense of unsteadiness to the animation. If your animated character does not have visual firmness that complies with the logic of gravity then it would also affect the quality of your animation. Make sure your character and its movement style complies with the logic of gravity and physics or else your animation would lose balance.

Do not lose simplicity

Keep the design simple, do not complicate character movements as well as the facial expressions. A complex visual or animation is never appreciated by the masses. It is a mere misconception to think that the more complex you will make your animation, the more it will stand out. Your focus should be on both memorability and uniqueness and that is what you should do with your animation as well.

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