Factors Of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos,Factors Of Animated Explainer Videos
Factors Of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated videos are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools that you can integrate into your marketing and product promotion strategies. Business organizations have to spend tons of money on marketing and promoting their newly developed products or goods, but with the introduction of animated videos as marketing tools, the marketing budget has been reduced by thousands. Every product requires a lot of time and money in its development but if it is not marketed well, then all that money and time is not worth anything.  A product that is marketed well will be the product that is sold the most. Regardless of how big or small your developed product is, you can still increase its sales by simply using animated explainer videos as your marketing tool. Instead of spending thousands of money on advertisements and other similar promotional tactics, you can make an interesting animated video to get your product recognized by millions of people.

Video content is one of the easiest and most advanced ways of connecting and interacting with your customers, buyers, and potential consumers. Among all the other types and categories of video content, animated video content is widely preferred and most watched video content.  These animated explainer videos are not only profitable for your business product, but it also assists you in conveying your business ideas and messages to your target audience. A company animation video is highly recommended by marketing professionals and experts as a powerful business branding and marketing tool. If you want to escalate your sales rate by nearly 80% and if you want to increase your ROI by almost 100%, then start marketing your product and company through animated explainer videos.  These animated explainer videos provide you with the most rapid increase in sales and the highest ROI.

Factors necessary for the creation of animated explainer videos:

So, if you are planning on creating an explainer video for your business products there are a few factors that you should be kept in mind. If you want to create a high-quality explainer video that not only looks interesting but it also explains your business idea clearly, then you should consider these factors before video creation:

  • Have a complete understanding of what your objective is. That is, why do you want to create an animated video and what would be its purpose and message? If you have hired a professional animator for this purpose it is necessary that he has fully understood your requirements and needs. It makes the job of creating high-quality and well-scripted animated explainer videos easy for him.
  • If the animator knows what the purpose and objective of the animated video are, only then he will be able to compose a comprehensive script. The script plays a pivotal role in the animated video. If your video has high-quality animations and graphics but poor script then there is a high chance that your video will not be watched or appreciated by many. The script includes the content that will explain the message or product and the voice-over that will say the words. Creating the best script is the only way through which an animator can produce a high-quality animated video.
  • The next important factor is a storyboard. For every company animation video or product promotion video it is important that the layout of the background, characters, and other animated objects is proper. The storyboard can be complicated or simple depending on the type of animation.
  • The voice-over is the voice that explains what is going on in the video. It is important that the sequence of animated objects and graphics matches and is per the voice-over. Use a voice-over that can be understood by the target audience, a jumbled or inaudible sound is only going to drive away your target audience.
  • Animation is a process that is enjoyable and fun to do. Making various illustrations, and graphical designs and aligning them to the background music and voice-over are all fun tasks in the creation of animated videos. However, a few key factors should be taken care of:                                                                 
  1. Animators need to be very careful with the timing of animated objects and background transitions such as how long an animated character will be displayed on the screen, how will different characters will be introduced in the video, how fast the background transition will be, and how well the animation is synced with the voice-over and background music.
  2. The organization of different animated elements is important. Another critical factor is that the animated objects should not clash with other and they should not overlap each other.
  • Before starting your animation procedure, decide which character is the most important one, it should be given most of the screen time.


Animated video has become one of the most important and high-in-demand marketing tools. So don’t waste time trying to do it yourself if you have no technical experience it will only cost you your time and money. It is better that you hire a professional and give him a considerable time, the more time an animator has, the better will be the quality of your animated explainer video.  

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