Enter Lechal GPS: Hands Free, Heads up


Thinking about flawless navigation? Think about the Lechal GPS, think biking, or motor biking with navigation? Then think about hands free, dust free, fall free, eye free. Think footwear GPS, think Lechal.

Navigating spaces and places on two wheels is great sport, one that carries the fun of getting lost in unfamiliar territories. Of course, there are GPS apps that will help you find your way, but what about the journey when you have to stop and bury yourself in your phone screen, what about the dust and the shock when biking across those unfamiliar territories? How long can conventional GPS technologies hold up against your spirit of adventure.

Enter Lechal, the game changing footwear GPS tech. A wonderful innovation in navigation, Lechal comes in the form of shoe insoles and external buckles that turn your normal footwear to smart footwear, allowing them to be your navigator. Perfect for the hands free, heads up biker in you. Not just this, with Lechal there is zero risk of gadget loss and the microfiber insole ensures dust and water proofing for your GPS pod. The best in navigation is that which allows you to be carefree. That is what the makers of Lechal have on offer in their product.

Once you feed the destination in your Lechal app, you only have to let your feet listen to the GPS pods under your feet. The pods, hidden and encased inside insoles or buckles auto pair with your phone and take you where your wish to go. 

Lechal Navigation and Fitness Tracking allows you to:

  • Navigate hands-free without having to look at your phone screen.
  • Read route guides in detail through a variety of haptic feedbacks.
  • Track your state of fitness based on steps taken, calories burnt, and distance travelled.
  • Enjoy Lechal pod insoles or lace up the buckle in the shoelace.
  • Enjoy up to 15 days on a single charge.
  • Hand-stitched, soft-soled leather and easy-care microfiber based insoles.
  • Keep track of the friends you are meeting, with nobody getting lost.
  • Use the app that serves as the fitness tracker as well.
  • The offline mode that works as the user rides a bike or drives.
  • Enjoy precise route guidance.
  • What else, Bluetooth connectivity allows your shoes to let you know if you are at the risk of losing your phone.

Having broken a new ground in the world of navigation and wearable technology, Lechal GPS is fast redefining the shape and feel of navigation and fitness tracking for those who love moving around. With Lechal make your favourite pair of shoes smarter in a moment and bring navigation beneath your feet.

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