The difference between classic and mechanical keyboards

Every PC user spends a lot of his time typing something. That’s where the keyboards come in. Keyboards are one of the most important input devices on your computer.

Getting an ideal keyboard is a great way to enhance your complete typing experience. The question is: what is the ideal keyboard type? The answer is already there in the form of mechanical keyboards, but what about the other keyboard types?

Mechanical keyboards offer lots of improvements for the hardcore PC user, but are they mandatory for your typing experience? Let’s find out.

1.Types of keyboards and how do they work

What happens when you press a button on the keyboard? You press a button, and a graphical representation of that button is shown on the screen. That is a simple explanation.

The more complex explanation tells us when you press a button, you push a switch that sends an electric impulse to the computer. That electrical pulse is processed and converts into the letter you just typed on your keyboard. That letter is then shown on the screen.

The switches are important in determining the keyboard type and the quality of the keyboard. There are classic keyboards and mechanical keyboards available.

Classic keyboards are referred to as membrane keyboards because they don’t have mechanical switches like the mechanical keyboards do. The keys on the classic keyboards are just placed on a rubber/silicon layer. They work in the same manner as every keyboard: you push a button, the switch sends a signal to the processing unit, and the graphical representation of the pin is shown on the screen.

mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards use the mechanical switches as their name suggests. They work the same as other keyboard types but are much more durable than classic keyboards because of the mechanical switch.

Depending on the type of the switch, you may need to use more force for the key to be registered by the PC. The mechanical keyboards are designed like you’re communicating with the keyboard, while the classic keyboards are more like being commanded by the user.

  1. Differences in durability and design

The durability of the keyboard is also one of the main buying factors and there are differences in the quality of the different keyboard types.

Mechanical keyboards use durable switches, and that makes them last longer than classic keyboards.

On the other hand, classic keyboards use rubber/silicon material as a replacement for mechanical switches. That material isn’t extremely durable but it makes these types of keyboards cheaper to produce.

Mechanical keyboards can withstand over 50 million key presses while the classic keyboards can only withstand 5 to 10 million key presses.

The worst thing that could happen to your keyboard is spilling a drink on it. It will ultimately destroy the functionality of the keyboard, so be extra careful when your beverage is near your keyboard.

The mechanical keyboards are heavier because of the number of mechanical switches. In addition, mechanical keyboards are louder than traditional ones. That shouldn’t pose a problem for a hardcore PC user since he probably has some headset for gaming on the head.


Choosing the ideal keyboard is a matter of personal preference.

While mechanical keyboards are better in almost every way, some may prefer the quieter, more casual classic keyboards. Classic keyboards are cheaper than mechanical keyboards due to the lower quality materials, and that could be a deciding factor for many people.

Mechanical keyboards trigger more reliably and really makes you know when your typed button is registered by the PC. It just makes general typing experience more active and enjoyable.

Judging by the differences between these two general keyboard models, we can assume that they are designed for different types of users.

The casual public more favors classic keyboards, with their light and simple, cheap design and we can see why.

On the other hand, a mechanical keyboard is a heavier, more responsive type of keyboard designed with hardcore PC users in mind that value responsiveness and general fluidity of the typing experience.

In the end, the choice is in your hands.

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