How to Clean Hardwood Floors with a Vacuum


The hardwood floors are the most popular floor types with good reason. Thanks to the natural look, they can make a house feel warm, welcoming, stylish, and more tempting.

Most hardwood floors have a polyurethane or another protective coating, which protects them from abrasion and water. That’s why these floors are extremely resistant and long-lasting. All of this makes a hardwood floor a truly good investment worth maintaining.

If you have such a floor in your home, you’re likely to have a hard time keeping it clean and bright all the while. This is where a vacuum cleaner comes in. However, you must know how to use it properly so as not to scratch your floor.

6 Simple Steps to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

Step 1

Remove all the rugs and other items from the floor. Move your furniture by means of furniture gliders to keep your floor from scratching.

Step 2

Since each vacuum cleaner has slightly different features and properties, take the time to examine it carefully before use. You should particularly check out if it has any setting for solid hardwood flooring.

Some vacuum cleaners come with a setting that lets you adjust the height according to the carpet piles. If your vac has such a setting, make sure to select the highest one. That will keep your floor from the brushes. By adjusting the tallest height, you’ll get the most powerful suction and vacuum your hardwood floors in the most efficient manner.

There are also vacuum cleaners with an option to turn on and off the brushes as needed.

Step 3

Be sure to empty the vacuum bag of its contents when it gets full. Some models come with replaceable bags.

Depending on the model you have, empty or change the bag of your vacuum cleaner when it’s about three-quarters full. Don’t wait too long because the hose may clog up.

There are also the bagless vacuums that contain the containers instead of bags. Most people only empty the vacuum container when it is completely full.

We suggest that you empty it before each vacuuming, as cleaning with an empty canister is more effective and successful.

Step 4

No matter how your vacuum is designed, you should keep the screens and filters perfectly clean. Otherwise, they may block and cause your vac to stop working. Besides the screens and filters, other parts of the vacuum cleaner may stop operating efficiently.

That can negatively affect the suction of your vac and make it unable to clean the way it’s supposed to do. So, keep your vacuum clean all the time and it will also keep your floors clean in turn.

Step 5

You’ve surely noticed the hose attachment on your vac. Place the hose to remove the large debris from your hardwood floors. A vacuum cleaner is capable of pulling dirt and grime from your floor better than any other cleaning tool.

It can also help you get rid of dirt and debris piled up at the hard-to-reach areas, such as the perimeters and corners of your rooms. When you’re cleaning the stairs, make sure to use the attachments on the vac. Aside from cleaning the edges and crevices, that will help you avoid carrying and rolling your device on each stair.

Step 6

When vacuuming the floors, you are advised to slice and dice them into smaller sections. Go through these sections slowly, moving your vacuum both vertically and horizontally until you completely remove debris and dirt from the hardwood floors in your home.

The hardwood floors require much attention and care. By following these steps, cleaning the floors is fun and easy. Your home will be free of pesky dust and debris while your floors will have the longest lifespan. What’s more, the indoor air at your home will be at the healthier levels so that you won’t breathe in dust.

Maintaining the timeless allure of hardwood floors demands diligence and the right cleaning approach. While a vacuum cleaner is an indispensable tool in this endeavor, it’s crucial to use it correctly to preserve the pristine look of your floors. At NW Maids , they understand the significance of a well-maintained hardwood floor. The natural warmth and style they bring to a home make them a popular choice. With protective coatings ensuring durability, hardwood floors are a worthwhile investment. When it comes to cleaning, follow these six simple steps to keep your hardwood floors in top condition. By using your vacuum with precision and care, you not only enhance the longevity of your floors but also create a healthier living environment. Trust NW Maids for expert insights on maintaining the allure of your hardwood floors, ensuring they remain an inviting centerpiece in your home.

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