Best Practices for Converting mp3 Files to Text Online

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You can find good transcription services online, but understanding how the process works are important. Sometimes you just need to convert mp3 to word document without spending too much on additional services. There are many ways to do this yourself. Online converters are not always accurate, but with some searching, you can find some gems. There is no way of knowing how it will work for you unless you give it a try.

When it comes to using online converters, you need to always check the accuracy. It can be daunting how incorrect some converters can be. There are many factors leading up to the end results. You want the converter to make it easier for you, not end up in you doing a ton of edits. If you want to avoid this issue, you need to use some of the best practices for converting mp3 to text.

Get a clear copy

One of the easiest ways to get inaccurate results is to use feed the converter an mp3 file that is clear. If there is a recording problem with the file or it is low quality, the results will reflect it. When you select a file that has sound problems, it can be difficult for a human being to understand, so it is even worse for an online program.

File format

The format of the mp3 file needs to be correct. Different converters use a certain selection of files to convert. You might find that the one you have is a WAV file and the converter only recognizes OGG files. There are online programs to help you do this conversion before the transcription can be done. Sometimes you find this on the same platform.

Select the language

A lot of online transcription software requires that you select the language of the mp3 file. Sometimes people skip this step and the program has a default language. This can mess up a lot of work and waste your time. Always check if the tool you are using has a few language options and be sure to select the appropriate one.

Hire a typist

There are individuals who do transcriptions without the use of any software. They go the old school route of listening to the recording and typing it out. This takes a lot of time, but a professional typist who does this often can become a master of the craft. If you are not a professional typist, it can take you 1 hour to type out 10 minutes of a recording. This is a lot of time and a lot of people would rather go ahead and hire a professional.

Use a voice text converter

You can easily convert files from mp3 to text by using a voice text converter. When you are typing a letter, use the keyboard or simply speak it into your PC microphone. Google has one that works well. The only problem would be if the file is on your computer. You need to either send it to your mobile phone and play it loudly into the mic or listen through earphones and use the voice converter.

Browser extensions

Browsers like Chrome have extensions you can add to get your transcription done. It is pretty accurate but does require minimal editing. This, of course, depends on how clear your recording is. It’s worth trying out for smaller projects. It might not be good for a few hours of recording. You can also split your longer recordings into separate files and do it bit by bit.

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Final advice on converting mp3 files to text

Having access to all these great online programs is a bonus. You don’t always have to pay for a service when you can do it yourself for free. For more important projects, you might want to consider hiring a professional transcription service. Don’t get stuck on one tool that is not working well. You need to search through a few to find the one that works best for you. Just because a service is free, does not mean that the accuracy will be bad. It depends on the creator’s effort and your expectations.

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