AI Chatbots: Get More by Doing Less

AI Chatbots
AI Chatbots

Today’s world is considered an AI world. In the recent year, this modern technology results in transforming the way we work, perform our daily activities and our lives too. From booking your cab in just one tap to face recognition feature on phones, auto-correcting your mistakes in a document to a digital assistant like Siri, this human-made technology is breaking all the traditional barriers and making everyone’s life easier than before. Besides all the significant debates about the risk of AI, many sectors of the economy, with no second thought, adopting this technology and enjoying several benefits associated with it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is stunning the world with its latest innovations, and AI chatbots are no exception. AI chatbots are also one of the perfect examples of this day-by-day evolving technology. In recent years, AI chatbots have emerged as the best problem solver. Yes, it is. But what is AI Chatbots?

Think back to the last time when you chatted online on a website and get your queries answered. There is a high possibility that the person on the other end wasn’t the person at all. Yes, there could be a chance that you have that conversation with a talking robot, i.e., an AI chatbot. This technology helps to improve the service, saving money, increasing customer satisfaction, and meeting several other aspects that you always strive for.

In this guide, we will discuss how AI chatbots or talking robots are giving a new edge to marketing and customer service.

But before we discuss AI chatbots, let’s discuss the basic “what is AI?”

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Probably, you’re very well aware of this term. Let us give a quick overview of what this human-made technology, AI, is.

Artificial Intelligence, also known as Machine Intelligence, is a gamut branch of computer science concerned with creating machines that work and act like humans. In simple words, these machines have the enormous potential of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. The advancement in this machine intelligence technology is completely transforming the tech sector.

Chatbots are a perfect example of AI, equipped with features like NLP and Machine Learning, making robots more intelligent. But not all chatbots use AI technology.

AI and Chatbots- Making Experiences Better

AI and chatbots are closely associated with each other. AI technology has shaped this customer-support tech, making it capable enough to handle the specific situation and offer a better solution. But how AI chatbots identify and achieve their goals? How does this technology actually work?

For a chatbot, identifying the goal for a situation is a big hurdle. The chatbot works accordingly to how you trained it and hence, delivers the output. An AI chatbot has to go through a step-by-step process in order to identify the goals and accomplish a successful customer interaction.

Below, we have covered the step-by-step training cycle of AI chatbots that they follow-

  • Thinking Ability of a Chatbot

Can machines think? Are they capable of making decisions in a specific situation? Such questions will surely make you feel stuck between fantasy and reality. An AI chatbot uses pre-existing knowledge to make a decision and take actions accordingly to achieve predefined goals. While decision-making and taking actions for a particular request, this technology also uses the neural network in machine learning. It enhances the overall working of chatbots. Even the knowledge base also improves the learning capability of the chatbots.

For instance, Siri and Google – are smart machines because they use the data or knowledge stored internally and improve day by day. The data stored in these techs allows them to learn faster and make decisions accordingly that is also relevant to the user.

AI chatbots take action and respond to the queries of users using this knowledge base, making this technology even more and smart and intelligent at the same time.

  • The Sensing Ability of a Chatbot

After going through the process of thinking & determining what decision a chatbot needs to take, the next step is how this AI to drive technology is supposed to act or how quick it is in implementing the actions. Whenever a user raises the queries, then the chatbot types out a sentence immediately, as it is relatively easy as compared to other different modes of media like image, video, and audio. But with the advancement in AI technology, chatbots are now coming up with the audio output feature (responds in a human voice), making it more interactive. Not only this, but the progressive nature of the technology also giving a clearer image of more advancement in the chatbot’s output. Such thinking and sensing ability of AI chatbots make it reliable technology for several sectors of the technology.

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Components of AI & Chatbots

Here are a few components of AI and chatbots highlighting the facts that you probably unaware of-

  • Chatbots are equipped with AI technology, making them smart and intelligent enough to answer customer queries. In short, AI chatbots are engaging, conversational, and interactive.
  • Chats have the superb quality of learning from every conversation that they had with the customers. So, you can say that chatbots take the actions learned from precious interaction. This practice helps the tech to understand the customer queries and hence, improve the chatbot using experience.
  • This customer-assistant tech saves a lot of time. It helps lead the smart interactions using the right information and addresses the queries in the best manner.

Can AI Chatbots Improve SEO Rankings?

Besides all the benefits of AI chatbots, many marketers or website owners usually ask, “Can AI chatbots improve the SEO ranking?” Yes, it can boost the SEO ranking only if the website enhances the user experience. For instance, a chatbot on your website can resolve the customer queries in a few minutes, helping you and your customers save a lot of time. Not only this, but it also helps save money that is spent on a whole customer service team. Another advantage of chatbots is that they are 24/7 available, which also boosts the user experience and adds to the better ranking of the website. Even several expert SEO companies suggest using AI chatbots to improve their SEO performances and offer a better customer experience.

How Have AI Chatbots Made Work Easier Than Ever Before?

AI is now becoming a reason for the change everyone is experiencing in the surroundings. You can conclude this fact with its real-time example of a chatbot serving different niches of companies in streamlining the operation and answering the questions without human involvement. This technology shapes several industries with its incredible features, and there is no second thought over it. But at the same time, when it comes to personal perspective, chatbots still have to cover a long journey to build trust among the users as they still prefer talking to a human instead of robots when they need assistance. The positive side is that several companies are adopting this tech to improve the consumer experience.

With the consistent development in AI, chatbots are also evolving with some more new features, making them a perfect addition to the business world. Both AI and chatbots are making things really easier. How? It gives complete ease of automating tasks, which reduces the need for hiring and paying employees to get the job done. With this thought, people sometimes assume that chatbots can replace human intervention. But that’s not true at all.

A chatbot is a fed data-driven technology. Yes. This technology works with the right data fed into it and gives the results faster than a human. There are fewer chances for errors. If the error occurred, you could train the bot, and it will never repeat that practice again. It will improve the experience with every right update.

Chatbots also save a lot of time for humans as they have the incredible power of learning everything quickly and easily. You don’t need to spend much time in training. The reason behind the quick working of chatbots is the AI technology that also allows chatbots to learn on their own with the user’s experiences.

Not only this, but the other impressive thing about chatbot is that it doesn’t require codes to build, no need to create it from scratch, or suffer through several mental breakdowns. The development and maintenance of chatbots have also become easier.

Even this customer assistance technology also becomes a handy tech. Today, several chatbots platforms are popping out and enhancing the user & company’s experiences.

Wrapping Things Up

AI or Artificial Intelligence has now become a part of our lives. The way this technology embraces a space in necessary daily activities, making everything easier and productive as well, the general audience, including businesses or tech sectors, find this technology perfect for continuing with. And there is no doubt in this. A chatbot is one such example of AI, which shows the power of technology, assisting customers in resolving their queries without waiting for an individual to listen and respond. Now, a chatbot (or can say a talking robot) can resolve your issues, listening to your complaints, and assisting you with the right information fed into it. Isn’t this great?

This blog post is all AI chatbots, discussing their positive side and their features, giving several reasons to rely on this technology. As per the company’s perspective, it is now considered a great customer assistance tool, but at the same time, aa per the customer perspective, a story is a little different. Customers still find talking to an individual human easier to get their queries resolved. With the advancement in AI chatbots, people are also showing their interest in them and finding it a great assistance mode.

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