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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Hacks

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  1. Use the Bluetooth S Pen stylus as a selfie remote. Avoid the acrobatic shapes and the awkward arm stretch scenario with a simple click of the S Pen.
  2. Tired of sharing the same old GIFs? Now you can make your own, simply tap Smart Select with your S Pen and grab your chosen screen. Add text and away you go.
  3. Edits your photos for you. Life moves fast and you want to share it instantly, with Samsung’s smartest camera yet the Galaxy Note 9 adjusts the image to make colours bold and vibrant so you can live your best #NoFilter life.
  4. Stay on top of your health goals. When you’ve tried every healthy eating plan, gym class and superfood under the sun but have no clue if it’s working, the integrated ‘Samsung Health’ service can track your nutrition, exercise and even sleep patterns to help you focus on your fitness goals.
  5. All day battery. Someone’s stolen your charging cable off your desk, your portable battery pack has died, and it’s only 11am, no drama – Samsung’s battery means one charge can last from morning until night so there’s no need to panic about running out of juice.
  6. Doubles as a computer. When your work laptop fails half way through a meeting or when working on the go, simply connect your phone to a monitor using Samsung’s HDMI adapter[1]to reveal Samsung’s DeX feature and magically create a PC desktop so you can hot desk #likeaboss
  7. Stores over 200,000 photos. Are you still surprised to see the dreaded ‘storage space running out’ alert despite not having deleted a single photo since 2011? With up to 512GB of additional storage available on the Note9[2], let’s face it – less really isn’t more.
  8. Jot down memos. Missed out on meeting notes or a new Netflix recommendation because you didn’t have a pen to hand? Use the S Pen to jot down notes on-the-go or even use the Note9’s blank home screen as a doodle pad when you’re bored.
  9. Game like a pro. When your perfecting your Fortnite skills but your smartphone can’t keep up, meet your new portable gaming companion. The Note9’s efficient processor reduces lag and delivers crystal-clear graphics for the ultimate gaming experience.

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