8 Great Web Design Trends You Should Apply to Your Website

Web Design Trends You Should Apply on Your Website
Web Design Trends

There are millions of websites today, and hundreds and thousands of them can be within your industry. Thus, to drive in more customers and sales, you must have a design that stands out. Moreover, it is essential that you create pages that are in sync with the latest design trends. 

Websites have now become an essential part for most businesses that want to thrive in a modern and highly competitive market. It usually serves as the user’s first source of information from everything, including your brand’s products and services. 

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But considering the example of UX agency San Francisco, the current design trends and techniques have been changing over the years, so it is quite challenging to know which ones are worth considering. 

To narrow down your focus, we are going to walk you over these eight great web design trends that you can apply on your site to improve your site performance:

Bright and vibrant color palettes

Using dark colored backgrounds are a thing of the past. In fact, the dark background was later on replaced by vibrant color palettes and bright image overlays.

The thing about these bright and vibrant color palettes is that they evolved from other design trends in the past. They started gaining attention way back with flat design and evolved into more vibrant colors. Some even have a hint of neon in them. 

A great thing about this trend is that once you already have a palette, it is now easy to carry out. Moreover, you do not have to do a complete redesign just to add this element in your design. 

Compelling custom illustrations

Utilizing graphics and illustration is another excellent web design trend that most web designers are using as an effective visual tool to communicate their brand message. 

Unlike stock photography, custom-made illustrations are a great way to set the tone of the company. They are more attention-grabbing than stock photos. Over time, that will help your brand stand out from your competition. 

Ideally, these illustrations should need to be visually appealing to the eye and create a unique touch for your website, to make it more memorable to users. That gives you a great opportunity when branding your business. 

So, if you are guessing what future web designs will look like, then consider custom illustration as a trend. 

Here are some benefits of having curated illustrations:

  • They are more unique and authentic.
  • Makes abstract ideas easier to comprehend.
  • Decreases the prominence of gender and race when illustrating people.
  • Avoids featuring unrelated brands.
  • Is powerful in portraying emotions.

Dynamic video backgrounds

Utilizing videos continue to dominate the trends, and remains one of the most popular visual marketing elements. That’s because the cost of the video is less pricey these days. 

Even small business owners can afford to use it as a visual tool for their marketing strategy. Due to improving internet speed, more and more users include videos on their websites. 

Also, one of the best ways to capture an audience’s attention is a dynamic video background. Why? Because moving objects tend to attract users than stationary ones. 

It is a more convenient way to provide information to users, making it easier for them to understand the characteristics of a webpage or a product. Moreover, videos boost the time a user spends on the page, which is great for conversion rates and SEO.

Videos are trending in many aspects of web design. Therefore, having a dynamic video background is a fantastic way to capitalize on that.


Users leave a site if it takes too long to load. They move on to faster-loading sites instead. 

That’s why more and more designers aim for fewer images and elements on their site. Most of them would prefer to go with the minimalist look, appearing a lot cleaner, and not relying too much on heavy visuals. It is safe to say that the era of text-heavy sites has faded away. 

So, in your landing page design, go for very little text, but make sure that the words you use precisely convey your brand’s message. Also, go for a mix of texts and images that effectively engages your audience. 

Focus on creating a better user experience, so that web visitors will come again to your site. That will give your site a cleaner, minimalist look, with only important texts and visuals in place in your screen. 

Bold typography

Fonts, when carefully chosen, have the power to create a strong visual hierarchy. Go for bold typography that easily impresses your audience. Even bigger brands have started using exclusive fonts to help improve their brand recognition. 


Even those small transitions can improve your site design.

A lot of designers are experimenting with different section based transitions that are both vertical and horizontal. Moreover, because of the advanced parallax effects, it is easier for specific elements to stand out from the page. 

Just keep in mind that your transition should never distract users from your main content. It should still remain intuitive for better user experience. 

Geometric shapes

Colorful, geometric shapes are being used by more and more top websites this year. Designers are utilizing triangles, circles, and rotated squares to capture user’s attention while simultaneously making subtle messages about their brand. 


Micro-interactions play a crucial role in improving usability and user engagement.

At its core, micro-interactions are used on clickable elements like navigation and buttons. However, experienced designers can go beyond that. 

Just make sure that your goal is to improve user experience, not making it even more complicated for your site visitors. Know and understand what are the specific interactions that make your website alive. 

Over to You

Web design trends are evolving each day. This process has made both websites and apps to improve. With these developments, it is crucial that you slow down for a bit, then pay attention to the trends that will stick around in the long run. So, if you are thinking of doing a site redesign, then you have to consider what design trends you can incorporate for your website.

About the Author – Kenneth Sytian is a web developer in the Philippines and the CEO of Sytian Production, web development Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is one of the top influencers in web design and development in the Philippines.

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