7 Easy Methods To Grow Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Grow Your Instagram Engagement Rate
Grow Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Instagram engagement is a pretty thing for every marketer on social media. The network becomes more famous, and the users primarily want the top brand’s content.

Many businesses – from salons to boutiques achieved success on Instagram. They trust that gaining more engagements for their posts leads to getting new customers.

So, how will you do it perfectly? Here are several straightforward techniques to boost your engagement rate on Instagram. Let’s jump in.

Use Every Features On Instagram

Instagram’s algorithm robots are getting clever because they prioritize the profiles that use every tool. The platform only encourages fantastic content. Instagram needs every user to use all the tools because they have spent more time and money to grow new technology.

     Create a Business Account

You want to create a business account to access extra features like analytics, ads, etc. Also, you can add a link to your stories and contact buttons on your Insta profile. It helps you a lot if your objective is to get more traffic to your products or sites.

     Use Various Formats

Instagram has carousel posts, videos, stories, highlights, and ads to post content. Analyze which content format suits best for your brand and use it ideally. A recent study shows that video content has a higher engagement rate than image content. 

Utilize Instagram Stories Every Day

Posting stories regularly keeps your content at the top of everyone’s feed. Primarily, Instagram stories feel different, look different, and provide a way to engage in various aspects. Stories on Instagram disappear in a day, so you want to bring it in an innovative way to catch more audience in a short time.

Many Instagram users wish to view stories on the platform rather than the feeds. So you could help those users by providing excellent story content and providing perfect content on your feed.

Explore Video Formats

As already said, video content on Instagram receives more engagement than other content types. There are multiple ways to give your video content on the platform:

     Video Content In Feeds

You want to spend some time to bring them ideally, and these are permanent until you delete them. You could include many hashtags to it so that users can find your video content easily through searching. So, creating unique videos gives you more value.

     Video Content In Stories

As stories disappear in a day, don’t upload essential videos here. Here, you no need to polish your video content. It is suitable for live announcements, event footages, stunning pictures of your brand, etc. 

Use both formats regularly. The chosen format for your video content depends on your hope for victory.

Schedule Posts On Instagram

It is old but a good one. Naturally, every social media platform takes more care of it – “perfect time to upload.” If you google it, you will get various posting times from multiple experts to these platforms. 

A significant difference in Instagram is you won’t find any scheduling option to upload content. You need to be ready to tap the send button whenever your audience is active. But there are many online tools to schedule your Instagram content at the best time. 

Instagram algorithm approaches the post that acquires quick engagements. There is an excellent chance of your post appearing in a vast people’s feed if your people engage with your content quickly.

Monitor your Instagram insights to get the best time to post. Every profile differs in best posting time, so pick yours correctly.

Interact With The Community

Influencer marketing is the next tip and a famous Instagram strategy which most brands interested in paid campaigns follow. Implementing this solid strategy helped them become stable with more impressions on Instagram for every post of theirs.  Outreach your friends, followers, and fans who have a vast audience in your industry to collaborate in case of reducing some penny.

The four perfect content type examples that work perfectly are:

BTS(Behind The Scenes): Showcase what’s happening behind your product manufacturing to your followers. It creates clear visibility of your product and boosts trustability to your brand.

Takeovers: You can conduct close-up video content with the audience or interviews on your platform if taking the account is daunting. 

Contests: Providing contests is a great way to get your audience to contribute to your brand. You can receive more engagements through this than expected.

Tutorials: You need followers to believe and trust in your business’s skill and expertise. You could bring them through teaching your audiences. 

These content types get you more followers in a short span, and it’s a significant step to grow naturally.

Bring Influencers To Your Campaigns

It’s the pro version among hack tips. Getting others in your strategy is an excellent sign of broadening your network and gaining new fans to your community. Influencer marketing is standing as a top sign on Instagram. Brands on the web spending nearly $2.5 billion on Instagram influencers. For brands who need vast engagement, it perfectly works. 

Utilize Polls In Your Instagram Stories

Polls are the direct CTA for your fans, and it is similar to contests. Moreover, it leads to a vast engagement. It is much easier to create than a contest. You don’t want to have a proper reason to give a poll, and also, you don’t want to provide prizes or any winning announcements. 

Several poll questions that are being used by brands every day:

  • What do you prefer most: A or B?
  • Which product are you interested in?
  • What content type are you interested in getting from us?

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Grow Your Instagram Engagement Rate

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