4 Best Practices Of Ecommerce Website Redesign For Enhanced Performance



As an online store owner, you might have a wonderful range of products and competitive prices, but it still won’t be enough. A website serves as the true representation of an eCommerce entrepreneur’s brand. However, an outdated or, in simpler terms, subpar website design can pose a significant threat to the online store. For instance, it will fail to impress visitors, thereby reducing the chance of their conversion. Hence, it is imperative to redesign the website’s design frequently. Redesigning implies revamping an eCommerce store to give it a new look, improve the user interface, add new features, and enhance navigation. eCommerce website redesign is essential to stay relevant and adapt to the changing user preferences. To do so effectively, you can take the help of an eCommerce website development company. 

The Best Practices for Redesigning your eCommerce Website

Avoiding Long Videos on the Homepage

Most website owners use high-quality images on their home pages in order to impress visitors. But, you may think about using videos instead in this website section to showcase products or convey the brand message. This might be due to the fact that a video is an excellent way to capture prospects’ interests and keep them engaged.

However, even when used correctly, this move can backfire. Most people tend to ignore videos used on landing pages. Why? During this user journey stage, visitors typically possess shorter attention spans, making them more inclined to exit your website without dedicating time to view unfamiliar content.

So, what should you do? In the initial stage, help visitors navigate quickly using short, looping videos that play automatically. It helps you convey the information without having to be deeply involved. You can leverage longer videos later as explainers or guides when the users are more interested in your brand.

Ensuring Easily Accessible Filters

When dealing with a substantial amount of products, incorporating filters becomes indispensable for aiding users in locating desired items. You should avail professional ecommerce website development services to get it done effectively. As one of the best eCommerce website redesign practices, you must ensure easily accessible filters.

The majority of ecommerce websites employ overlay filters on their mobile interfaces. While this approach is practical, given the limited screen space, it does pose the challenge of users potentially overlooking these filters.

As a general rule, the majority of users tend not to deviate from default settings, including the act of accessing the filters menu to select specific options. Regarding product discovery on listing pages, the desktop e-commerce browsing experience truly outshines its mobile counterpart. Users who engage with filtering options are more likely to discover products tailored to their preferences. 

The mobile design hurdle lies in finding space-efficient methods to accommodate filters. One effective approach is to display the most relevant filter category on the page with buttons for available options. Tapping one of these buttons would load listings with the selected filter applied, revealing the next most pertinent filter category.

Additionally, during eCommerce website redesign, ensure that the button for accessing the full filter menu is prominently placed and easily noticeable. Furthermore, it should provide clear indications when a filter is in use, ensuring that users are aware when they are viewing a limited subset of results. You can acquire eCommerce website development services for this.

Revamp Your Product Listings To Feature Larger Images

Many e-commerce platforms aim to display numerous products simultaneously on a single screen, resulting in relatively small product images, often referred to as thumbnails. However, these images play a crucial role in aiding users’ decision-making processes, often conveying more information than text alone. 

Particularly in the case of products like clothing and furniture, users rely on these visuals to differentiate between the available options. Even on mobile devices, it’s possible to showcase larger images. 

Applications like Instagram have raised user expectations for high-quality visuals. Therefore, good photography will always be loved, irrespective of where they are used in the online store.  Travel websites, for instance, often feature multiple photos in thumbnail listings with a subtle arrow for scrolling through them. Even many clothing websites offer the choice of displaying the product both on its own and being worn by a model.

Of course, if you believe that a product can be effectively presented with just a few images, feel free to do so. 

Present Product Options as Clickable Buttons During eCommerce Website Redesign

As you may already know, many products come in various options like color, size, material, or other attributes. The crucial decision-making moment for users happens on the product details page. 

To enhance this decision-making process, take the help of an expert eCommerce website development and design company. It’s advisable to steer clear of using dropdown menus for these options. 

Instead, utilize visual buttons that allow users to view and select from all available choices easily. These buttons should also clearly indicate when selecting a variant leads to a change in price. 

In cases where the variant changes the product’s appearance, such as its color, selecting it should dynamically update the main product image. This way, users will have no doubt about what they are ordering.

Another advantage is that users can quickly identify which variants are currently unavailable by deactivating specific buttons. This will eliminate the need for them to scroll through a lengthy dropdown list of options.

When it comes to selecting the size, it’s a good practice to avoid setting a default size. This is because users may unintentionally add the default size instead of the one they desire, potentially leading to a higher rate of returns and frustrated customers. These are some eCommerce website redesign practices that you should consider. 


Enhancing your online store requires a good amount of investment, as it involves collaborating with a leading eCommerce website development company. Nevertheless, the outcomes you achieve will prove to be highly rewarding. Redesigning your website and keeping it visually appealing and engaging demonstrates your dedication to delivering the utmost user experience to your customers.

These redesign efforts offer numerous advantages, with the most prominent being increased customer return and retention rates. But, it’s essential to acknowledge that eCommerce redesign presents distinct challenges. Hire professionals and avail their eCommerce web design solutions to do it successfully.

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