Xiaomi Mi 8 might be the Re-branded Mi 7 (Leaks)

Xiaomi takes it seriously when it comes to the Mi lineup of flagship smartphones. Xiaomi hasn’t launched the Mi 7 yet and neither any leaks have surfaced. But the leaks for Xiaomi Mi 8 has taken shape recently. In 2017, we did see some rumors about the Mi 7 but then all of a sudden they stopped. It’s 2018, the Mi 7 hasn’t launched yet, and Mi 8 leaks are popping up now. There’s another rumor flying around which suggests that the Mi 8 might be the re-branded Mi 7. There are no specific reasons why they’re skipping Mi 7 as well.

Media invites for the Mi 8 event are already out to many people. The reason for skipping the Mi 7 as per the guesses is that th…
The Leaker

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