Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart RearView Mirror 1080P Video Recorder

Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart Rearview Mirror

Xiaomi smart rearview mirror is a completely new multifunctional gadget that makes driving easier and safer. Built-in sensors and a dash camera allow it to monitor the road condition, predict the possibility of a crash, and notify you of the obstacles while parking. The device also built-in a GPS module to help you keep your directions while driving around.

Xiaomi 70 Steps Smart Rearview Mirror

1. 8.88 inch IPS display, 1920 × 480 resolution.
2. 160 degree view angles.
3. Power up via the car’s cigarette lighter (sports a 370mAh battery with no memory effect).
4. Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that provides you with real time, relevant alerts about dangerous
situations on the road.
5. Advanced driver assistance system includes LDW (lane departure warning), FCW ( forward collision warning)
and PVS (proceeding vehicle starting).
6. Built-in WiFi, wireless connectivity to view and control its settings via mobile device.
7. Works well with Bluetooth-enabled devices, using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 BLE ( low energy ) module.
8. High performance processor usually means dealing with overheating problems.

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