Top 8 IPTV middleware features that your business should have!

IPTV middleware

IPTV Middleware: What is it?

IPTV middleware

IPTV viewing experience is defined by the following components: Middleware, Application, and content platforms.

IPTV Middleware is defined as the systems software that connects operating systems and applications, network protocol stacks with the hardware. It provides reusable accessibility for functions that were controlled directly by an application

How Critical is the choice of Middleware for your IPTV business

Choosing IPTV Middleware is critical as all operations are controlled by this module.  It determines interface, control algorithm, transmission logic, and all other services subscribers can use. It varies for every type of middleware as it includes unique features – devices it connects, CAS systems it works with, user interface, video servers it supports, API, technical support costs, and the billing systems.

Top 8 IPTV Middleware Features:

Starting an IPTV business ensures compatibility with software applications for the exchange of data and should include the following features:

  1. Management of Content

In this feature, the overall management of the content at the operator’s network is defined. It can include various types of content – live channels, audio, and video-on-demand. It supports:

  • Content packages creation and their management
  • Categories of content is managed
  • Content Metadata is managed
  • Source file automatically updates metadata
  • Video-on-demand is integrated for IMDB movie metadata for quick filling of VoD metadata, genres, and other aspects
  • Determines episodes of VoD content
  • Archives settings
  1. Management of subscribers

In this feature, a control panel module for management of subscribers, controlling the action, and system administrators become important.

  • Subscribers – for purchase of content package from TV operator
  • Displays information
  • Administrators – for managing operations of IPTV network, display information related to the user name, status, phone, email, administration actions
  • Administrator permissions are used for selection of actions to forbid the performance of over servers, users, advertising, middleware settings
  1. Servers monitoring

In this feature, the server management module via control panel supports administrations, status monitoring, media delivery servers, VoD servers on IPTV/OTT network. The active server parameters, status is shown with CPU, uptime, downtime, server zone, memory load, network speed. It sends notifications in terms of failures.

  1.  Billing and monetization tools

In these two features, the billing module will support tools for the management of payment plans supporting payment actions. It creates and manages payment plans. It links payment plans for content packages/subscriber groups. It supports free subscriptions for AVOD models, TVOD models. It supports pay-per-view which is a TV broadcast subscription for predefined viewing periods.

Tools that can be used for monetization are – ad insertions, promo notification, creation of vouchers, in-app management of the shop

  1. Protecting content

In this feature, the connection of the new DRM system is important, Geo-IP filtering is encouraged, and content publishing control for user groups, devices, and regions is identified

  1. Statistics and reports

In this feature, tabs for viewing information plans, channel popularity, video, and audio-on-demand supporting customer geography, subscriptions, visits, content package popularity and are exported as files. 

  1. Management of dealers and sub-operators, subscriber dashboard

This feature leads to the creation and management of dealers, creation, and management of sub-operators.

A user can use the subscriber dashboard for –replenishing balance, tracking the history of payments, purchases, reading operator news, seeking tech support, and editing account data

  1. Recommendation Engine

In this feature, recommendations for – content, user behavior, forced recommendations.

Internet protocol television or IPTV is a global business market of over 60 billion and likely to grow to 93.5 billion USD by 2021. The demand for IPTV services is attracting established application development vendors to address the IPTV app service spectrum as well. IPTV middleware services are critical to the delivery of television programming and choosing the appropriate middleware technology provider is the game changer in this segment


Established IPTV solution break the cycle of price-driven unsustainable services of independent software providers. The brands with a reputation for providing cutting-edge technology, long-term software development support, and analytics are key factors when choosing the OTT middleware provider. IPTV services are expanding and the demand for the services is attracting more vendors to provide applications and services that shall innovate the IPTV services.

IPTV middleware providers with the spectrum of their cutting-edge services help you manage content, add customers and serve media as per customer needs. These well-known service providers assist in managing subscribers and content. Branded providers can establish streaming, video on demand packages, comedy channel packages, ICD insertion of prepaid cards, and other capabilities. 

More importantly, they will be part of your analytical insights by measuring the performance of your IPTV services. They provide the analysis that your business needs by monitoring your visitors, the viewership, the content popularity ratings as well as location. Since multi-operated web applications are the trends, using IPTV middleware with your Digital Services will have to be critically accredited services of a branded IPTV middleware provider. These technology modules will ensure customer satisfaction with a wide range of offerings.

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