The increasing popularity of Oracle – How it has affected database system?

The increasing popularity of Oracle How it has affected database system

There are various database systems used by all the companies around the world. These database systems are used to manage the huge data of the company. Database plays a very important role in maintaining the company’s various types of data such as sales reports, matrix, graphs, annual reports, etc. Over the years there were many upgradations in the database management system with the latest versions coming into use in the market. One of such is Oracle. Oracle is one of the most efficient and highly used database management systems. Oracle is based on multi-model which make it more reliable database.

The following are a few advantages and importance of Oracle database

High functioning: The features and functions of Oracle are so beneficial and effective that for all the major online transactions oracle database is used. Today many of the leading banking systems in the world use Oracle database to process their online transactions and other activities. Oracle is very suitable when it comes to corporate needs which are the reason why the majority of corporations are making use of the Oracle database.

A feature of auto backup data: Human tasks are prone to mistakes. In some other way, humans tend to make mistakes in calculations or day-to-day work. These mistakes are also possible while entering, editing, or updating data in the database. Oracle saves the data in its backup if it is deleted by mistake or due to severe server issues. This feature of Oracle is particularly known as “flashback technology.” This saves human efforts and time which would either go into searching and re-entering the lost data.

Secure and consistent: When a particular transaction is carried on through Oracle database, it provides end to end solution at a good speed. If the transaction is headed to the next level, it completes, but if it is not due to any error, then the user is redirected to the previous or current page. Also, if there are any suspicious or insecure transaction than there is the Oracle database system does not accept auto alert or error message and such activities. No fraud transactions can be carried through Oracle as it is highly secure.

Highly durable: One of the reasons why the majority of the people prefers Oracle is that it is highly durable and. One of the latest versions of Oracle which is Oracle 10g has the feature of a recycle bin in it. The working of this recycle bin same as the normal window recycle bin wherein the deleted data is easily saved in the recycle bin, and the deleted files can be easily restored. This makes Oracle very durable and reliable.

Simplifies and makes administrative management and operation process easy: Oracle database provides axis to easy storing, sharing, editing, restoring, and feeding data in the database management system with high security. This reduces a lot of human efforts plus as everything is digital and computer-generated the chances of human errors are next to zero as oracle rectifies human errors immediately. This helps in simplifying the management and operations activities. Also, all these activities are carried on at a faster speed due to an Oracle database.

Facing downtime in Oracle is a rare factor: As Oracle uses high technology and other sound features, there are few chances that you face errors or downtime or slow functioning in an Oracle database system. Also, even if in rare cases there is sudden downtime or break down Oracle makes sure that it backs up the data and there is no loss of any data.

The reason for the increasing popularity of Oracle database systems

Easily available and installation:  Different versions of the Oracle database system are available with Oracle vendors and depending upon the needs of the company, these vendors contact database management companies who then suggest exactly which versions are useful for best results. Also, leading companies like provide remote DBA services. Also, the installation process of Oracle is quite easy.

Provides at most customer satisfaction: With the sound features like high technology, speed, efficiency, data backup, reliability, etc, it provides great service to the user. Plus, it has the best features which are highly suitable for corporate and banking world. Also, the upgrade in Oracle can be carried on without affecting the current version or features/functions of current or existing version. All these properties of Oracle provide great customer satisfaction.

Cost effective: As compared to the other database and their features Oracle is quite cost-effective as it provides great user-friendly services. Yes, there is certainly other database management software available at a cheaper rate, but they fail to provide the features and services which Oracle offers. Oracle is a onetime investment which proves to be highly beneficial for the user.

How has Oracle affected database systems?

With the emergence of Oracle, the reliability on the database has increased as do the features of Oracle the sales are rising. From another point of view with the favoritism for Oracle, the need for other database management systems seems to have decreased. However, the companies which cannot effort expensive software or do not want to spend much on database management systems still use other comparatively cheaper and lower versions of database management systems.

Also, Oracle has generated a need to use database systems among the corporate due to its attractive and efficient features. Oracle today is a leading database management system as it provides end-to-end data management services to businesses, especially the banking sector.

Wrapping up

There are also some versions of Oracle which help to update the current version of the database with selective features from Oracle and the popular functions from the previous version. Through this, the user has multiplied benefits as he can enjoy the best features of both oracle and the previous versions. Oracle has simplified many complex tasks and management processes at a professional front.

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