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It is a common thought that a healthy body leads to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the technology that one can get health maintenance and fitness training trips online by using various health apps. Many people would like to join a gym to maintain fitness and hire dieticians to plan a healthy intake of food. While others do all of this using apps and doing it all from their homes.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has now become a trend as well as a basic need that has been observed in recent years among the young generation. People have become weight conscious and plan their diet accordingly. The advent of new health apps has also inclined people to use them to monitor their health parameters such as heart rate, calories, fat, nutrition, water intake details as well as other enjoy other benefits such as inventory management, tracking health maintenance products, medical billing, etc.

If you are looking for the best Monitoring Software For Android for health, some of the best health is listed below.

1. Adidas Running app

Adidas running app is the best running and workout app. Used by almost 170 million people, it is designed to maintain your calories burned and track miles, minutes, and overall workout progress. It has an in-built provision that offers almost 120 activities with many virtual races and challenges that you can choose to participate in to boost your motivation. You will be surprised to know that this app is free and does not demand any subscription.

2. MyFitnessPal

It also monitors your macros and enables you to set weight loss goals by having keeping a track of your daily calories. The app has a database of about six million foods as well as different recipes comprising different regions of the world.

The app comes with a subscription but it is worth it and recommended by various fitness trainers.

3.  Happify

 Happify provides personalized happiness tracking including various types of gaming and tasks to overcome negative thoughts and help soothe your mind. It enables users to see his progress using graphs and discover his mental deficiencies. Happify also offers meditation sessions to help your body rejuvenate and break from all the negativity around.

4. Fooducate

This app gives you expert nutritionist advice for taking a healthy diet, foods, and nutrients. To get customized food cate diet plans, you need to subscribe first to enjoy its extra features. Such features are specifically designed for those who want to gain/reduce patient care for a specific duration.

Fooducate tracks daily food intake, the intensity of exercise, and the quality of calories of a user. You can scan to discover other information related to fitness like product nutrition panels and ingredients lists using this app. 

5. Home Workout

The good thing about using this app is that it comes with some social features that can help you to interact with other people. When you share your progress and problems with others using the app, your health progress can be improved. This app has animations and guides users to have helpful workouts.

6. Nudge

Nudge is an exciting app that gives you a daily tracker to get accurate information on actions, meditations, and calories. It also connects with wearable and healthcare tracking devices so that you can observe all your fitness data. It offers personalized fitness tracking that can be quite helpful as it is backed by a coaching advice and training program. Such apps are useful that give users a comprehensive platform to engage in and perform fitness-related activities. The data representation with graphs in this app showing trending activity can be a good way to monitor your overall progress.

7. My favourite Android tracking app: Elevate

Elevate provides you with good options to train your brain and make it active. By using this app, you can improve your processing speed, speaking skills, math skills, memory, and a lot more. It provides a customized training program that can be adjusted over time to maximize results. You are advised to train with Elevate app at least 3 times every week. The more you train with Elevate, the more it will help you improve your cognitive skills.

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