Real ‘Westworld’ Haptic Vests Better Than Fiction

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Most of the HBO show “Westworld” focuses on artificial intelligence and android robots that seem indistinguishable from humans. But the show has also occasionally snuck in some real-world technology that seems futuristic enough to blend in with the science fiction setting. One example of such real technology in “Westworld” comes in the form of haptic vests that made … Read more

Qualcomm and Huawei: More Partners Than Rivals

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Because both Qualcomm and Huawei are technology leaders in the wireless segment and have invested heavily in 5G, they often are pitted against one another in political, financial and even industry discussions. However, the truth is that the two companies complement one another and work together more than they compete against each another. Coming from … Read more

Four Popular Anker Accessories Are Cheaper Than Ever, Today Only

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We’re no strangers to Anker deals, but today’s Amazon Gold Box features four particularly good deals from our readers’ favorite charging accessory company. Read more… … Gizmodo Samsung Fast Charger EP-TA20JBE and USB Type C Cable EP-DG950CBE for Galaxy S8Type-C for Samsung Galaxy S8 Sync, charge and data transfer with this High-speed USB cable via … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review: Better than buying a 7-inch tablet

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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review: Better than buying a 7-inch tablet Last year when Xiaomi launched the Mi Max smartphone in India, many journalists thought the company was crazy to attempt something like this. In fact, even some of its executives didn’t feel fully confident about this product. But as it turns out it was … Read more