Robotic Applications in the Packaging Industry

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Technology is taking new levels all over the world because of automation. There is even worry that automation will replace human labor in the coming years. This, however, could be further from the truth because an increase in automation does not mean that the machines will not need humans to monitor and work alongside them, … Read more

The forecast is robots

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Next robot should run Ubuntu Core Robots are an increasingly important part of our lives, in more ways than we realise. I’m not talking just about Roombas, or the toy robots that inhabit the wish lists of the world’s children (and the young at heart). Robots are increasingly behind the scenes, powering the modern world … Read more

Why LG is Betting on Robots


One thing the consumer electronics sector cannot be accused of is being complacent. Every year, there are new products, different trends and exciting innovations. Some consumer electronic brands struggle to keep up. LG Electronics not only relishes the challenge, it sees such developments as an opportunity to take the industry into a whole new direction. … Read more

Use of Robots in War

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The following is an excerpt from GigaOm publisher Byron Reese’s new book, The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity. You can purchase the book here. The Fourth Age explores the implications of automation and AI on humanity, and has been described by Ethernet inventor and 3Com founder Bob Metcalfe as … Read more

PAX East 2018: Insane Robots Inverview and Gameplay

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Can robots actually go insane? That question is probably a little more philosophical than it needs to be, because obviously they can. Playniac developed and published a game about it, after all.  Insane Robots is a unique turn-based card battler finds you powering up your own little robot, hacking into your opponents, and then launching … Read more

Robots Are Flexing Stronger, More Flexible ‘Muscles’


Humanoid robots like Sophia, granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, and Atlas, which backflips like a boss, are rigid, strong and rather bulky. They’re made to look like us; they’re not designed after us. But researchers are working hard to give robots a softer touch without losing strength. Two new studies released Thursday in Science and … Read more