OPPO Confirms Two High-Tech Phones With 5G, Crazy Cameras

OPPO 5G Smartphone

OPPO on Saturday announced intentions to release two high-tech Android smartphones in the coming months. However, the Chinese manufacturer named neither, and what it showed weren’t finished devices but prototypes with partially covered exteriors; like the one seen above. OPPO insists it’s what on the inside that counts, having touted the new lineup’s ability to communicate … Read more

Hosts.txt Providers List for AdBlockers on Android Phones

Hosts.txt Providers List for AdBlockers on Android Phones

Hosts.txt Providers List for AdBlockers on Android Phones Android has become the most popular mobile operating system. The OS has seen a continuous surge in the number of users since the beginning. The credit goes to the FOSS business model. Being an open-source operating system, development has surged in the past decade and there are … Read more

Battery Comparison between 2018 Android Phones

android logo vector

People are too busy comparing software features of this year’s Android Phone releases. It is true that it’s hard to tell which the better Android phone since everything has its unique features from hardware to software. The angle people mostly talk about is the camera, AI, and CPU. However, there is one thing we almost … Read more

Best Buy may stop selling Huawei phones

huawei logo

Huawei had some lofty goals for 2018, with its eyes set on finally launching one of its smartphones (in this case, the Mate 10 Pro) on a U.S. wireless carrier. Ahieving that goal would mean that Huawei finally had an official presence within the wireless market in the United States, but that was not meant … Read more

MWC 2018: The Best Android Phones

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A lot of exciting products emerged this year’s MWC including the latest Android phones, chipsets, and smartphone accessories. So far, the announcements by manufacturers didn’t put us down but only raised the market competition, which is a good thing for all consumers. Here is a list of some of the best-unveiled products in MWC 2018 … Read more