Do you actually want a foldable phone?

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The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived…foldable phones are here. So what now? Upcoming devices with flexible displays are going to pose the inevitable question…are they actually useful? Or are we just looking at another marketing gimmick? We want to know what you think. (This is a preview – click here to read the … Read more

Exploding Samsung phone destroys woman’s car


Samsung’s explosive reputation could be flaring up again, based on a new report that the company’s smartphone caused one woman’s car to catch fire and explode. The Detroit woman says she was driving in her car with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S8 in her cupholders when suddenly one of the devices burst into … Read more

How to Speed Up Your Android Phone

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Does it take too long for your phone to do stuff? Are you thinking about replacing it sooner or later? They say that it’s worth holding on to the ones you love. And don’t just let go of your phone just yet. Maybe it just needs a little bit of love just to make it … Read more

5 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

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Top five mobile phone spy apps for Android and iOS Mobile phone spying apps have been around since Symbian devices were introduced. Most spy apps available at the time were rudimentary at best because the phones did not have much computing power or sensors. However, things began to change with the advent of the smartphone. … Read more