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Do you actually want a foldable phone?

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived…foldable phones are here. So what now? Upcoming devices with flexible displays are going to pose the inevitable question…are they actually useful? Or are we just looking at another marketing gimmick? We want to know what you think. (This is a preview – … Continue reading

Google Vows Pixel 3 Is Its Most Secure Phone Yet & Here’s Why

Google has now provided in-depth details about four ways it’s Titan M chip provides better security for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, from the bootloader to third-party software, than any previous devices bearing the brand. To begin with, the chip is deeply integrated with Verified Boot, allowing validation of … Continue reading

Download Asus ROG Phone Wallpapers and Themes and Stock Firmware [Wallpapers and Rog Phone Theme]

Download Asus ROG Phone Wallpapers and Themes and Stock Firmware [Wallpapers and Rog Phone Theme]   Asus ROG Phone is one of the latest gaming smartphone from the manufacturer. The phone is going to launch this month on October 18, 2018. As for all the ROG series devices from Asus, the … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy X folding phone could cost twice as much as iPhone X


Apple and Samsung are both supposedly working on foldable phones. The Korean company will get its out first though, but hold onto your wallet, it’s going to be shockingly expensive. An analyst predicts that this device, allegedly called the Galaxy X, will cost about 2M Korean won, or $1815. That’s … Continue reading

Exploding Samsung phone destroys woman’s car


Samsung’s explosive reputation could be flaring up again, based on a new report that the company’s smartphone caused one woman’s car to catch fire and explode. The Detroit woman says she was driving in her car with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S8 in her cupholders when suddenly one … Continue reading

5 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps for Android and iPhone


Welcome to Best Cell Phone Spy Apps! My name is Pat Stanley and I have been involved with spy apps and software for the past eight years. I’ve used and reviewed multiple cell phone spy apps including PhoneSpector, Auto Forward, and Highster Mobile. Spy applications can be used by anyone … Continue reading

Qualcomm To Partner With Numerous Phone Manufactures To Launch Snapdragon 845 Powered Notebooks

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We are about to see a major change in the second part of this year. Where notebooks would be powered by mobile processors like Snapdragon. For this reason Qualcomm also made some adjustment while manufacturing their Snapdragon 845 chip. That comes with a PCB that is also designed to fit … Continue reading