7 Essential Steps to Build a Successful Mobile App

7 Essential Steps to Build a Successful Mobile App

Mobile phones are ruling our modern age. We have witnessed many developments in the field of technology and one of the most notable growths that technology presented us is mobile technology. In the present day, it has become very tough for people to live even a single day without using their mobile phones. It is possible for people to buy both expensive and cheap mobile phones. You can buy mobile as per your budget and therefore, you don’t have to be worried about the price of mobile phones these days. The mobile phone is not only used for its basic purpose of communication and sending messages but also for business purposes as well.

With the many features that modern day’s mobile phones offer to its users, people have started to manage their everyday tasks and business deals through mobile phones. Mobile apps are booming in the mobile industry at the moment. The value and benefits that many of the mobile apps brings to the mobile users are plenty and immeasurable. Mobile apps have developed into a vital part of our lives and we depend on them in more than one way. Mobile users can come across many kinds of mobile apps in the industry right now including business, entertainment, games, fashion, cooking, e-commerce, dating, and many more.

The mobile device and app market is thriving like anything in our day. More and more people are shifting from their computers to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. It helps people to find information, making purchases, and interacting with others very easy. Thousands of new mobile apps are coming to App Store now and many people don’t know how to build a successful mobile app. Here are top 7 essential steps that help you to understand how to build a successful mobile app:

  1. Research

It is crucial for you to research the mobile app market before you create a mobile app. it is an important step in building a successful mobile app because it will aid you to get started and get an idea. You should a good amount of time for researching and you should research right through the app stores including the app stores of Apple and Google Play. It will help you to take a look at competing mobile apps. Researching through mobile app market will aid you to grab an idea that will be completely unique.

  1. Analyze

Another important step of successful mobile app development process is analysis of all aspects of the project. You should examine the function and use of your mobile application. You should analyze to understand if your mobile app is unique from your competitors. You should analyze to understand if your mobile app is able to catch the attention of customers.

  1. Identify Your Target Users

It is important for you to identify your target users to build a successful mobile app. Make sure to understand your target users and know their needs and expectations. You should identify mobile platforms and devices to be supported. You should consider a lot of things when selecting mobile platforms and devices including coverage, device support, performance and other features. You can easily develop a successful mobile app and considered while selecting mobile platforms and devices includes coverage, device support, performance and other features if you identify your targeted audience and their needs and expectations.

  1. Set Goals

You have got to set the goals to build a successful mobile app. Setting goals will aid you to have a road map for the whole mobile app development process. Setting goals will provide you focus, let you to calculate progress, maintain you locked in and undistracted, aid you to triumph over procrastination and offer you motivation required to achieve your goals.

  1. Design Your App

Another important step in building a successful mobile app is designing your app. it is essential to have a proper and professional design for your mobile app. An app developer should focus on the UI design, multi-touch signs for touch-enabled devices and think about platform design standards as well. Design can decide fortunes of mobile apps. Keep in mind that mobile devices have smaller screens related to desktop PCs and laptops. A well-designed mobile app should be simple yet pretty, appealing to its target group, Optimize all features to make it easy to use and intuitive, etc.

  1. Develop a prototype

Another important step while building a successful mobile app is to develop a prototype. It is in fact the procedure of taking your idea and developing it into an application with some basic functionality. A prototype is an adaptation of your application that lets you to show and test its main usage. Developing a prototype will help you with designing, building and launching an app successfully.

  1. Develop And Test

Developing and testing your app plays a huge role in the success of your mobile app development. You should choose the right development platform such as IOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone.  You should consider your target audience and many other things when you develop your mobile app. After designing and developing your mobile app, you should test it to make sure that it works faultlessly. The best parts of mobile app developers used to test their mobile app once they complete designing and developing their app to make it free from all sorts of errors.


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7 Questions to ask before developing a mobile app

7 Questions to ask before developing a mobile app

Smartphones have taken our world by storm and now, you will hardly find anyone without one. Apps are at present, considered to be the lifeline of smartphones and tablets as without them, they are just communication devices like their predecessors. Apps have taken over our daily life in a big way. You want to get the latest news, updates on weather, find location of your favorite restaurant, keep track of your official meetings…. these latest apps are going to handle these tasks for you with flawless accuracy.

Mobile app development is one of the most rewarding jobs of contemporary era. Companies and franchises are looking for Mobile apps that would bring them even closer to their customers. Similarly, professionals want mobile apps that help them in making their professional life easier. An app developer’s job is not easy; he has to looks into various matters before he could really start his work on a new mobile app. Here, we are going to discuss 7 crucial questions that an app developer should get the client to answer.

  1. Why Does The Client Need This App? What are His Expectations?

This is an obvious yet very crucial question to ask the client as it will be the foundation of app being developed. The client should be very clear about what he wants and what his expectations are. Maybe, the client is not very clear in describing the app and what kind of app he wants. All you have to do here is to ask him different questions about the important aspects of app and at the end of day, what output he is expecting. Once you have a clear idea, you can easily plan your next move.

  1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

What kind of people are going to use your app? What kind of solutions are you expecting to offer to your users with this mobile app? Is the mobile app really necessary to solve their issues or just a mobile responsive website can prove just as beneficial? These questions should have very clear response from your client so that you know what kind of App you are going to develop for your client and what sort of features you are going to design in order to cater to all these queries.

  1. What’s The Deadline?

It is not too early to ask this important question. Clients mostly come well before they really want to launch their new mobile app, as nowadays; there is much awareness about the technical complexities of such projects. Besides, time management is a pertinent component of any project and it can only be done once you know the deadline. Either client gives you the deadline or in more flexible cases, the deadline is decided mutually after deliberations from both sides. This way you can allocate time to each step of the project.

  1. What’s The Budget?

Deciding on the budget for this kind of project can be tricky for both sides. There cannot be a fixed budget for a mobile app development. More likely solution for this problem is to decide upon the range. Most of all, the price is decided keeping in mind the following factors:

  • complexity of the project
  • Interface of the App
  • research work
  • main functions of the app that will make the user love it
  • Rivals’ position in the market
  • push notification services you are offering
  • Back end systems management with the growth of user base

While discussing the budget, all these factors should be considered and conveyed to the client accordingly.

  1. Consult after each step; Am I on the Right Path?

After completing every step, it is better to consult your client to see if you are on the right track; if the features that you are adding, are the ones client is looking for. This way, at the completion of the project, you may avoid unwanted surprise that the client didn’t ask for this kind of app or wasn’t interested in certain features you have added.

  1. What Kind Of Competition is there against This App in the Market?

Common response to such question is, ‘We don’t have a competition; this is first of its kind’. Don’t fall for this statement for, more often than not, it is not true. There is always an app out there developed for the same purpose. If you propose same features, with nothing new to offer to the customers, you app is heading for a failure for sure. By knowing your rival and their app, you can improve yours by adding features that make your app unique.

  1. What will the method of payment be?

This is an important part of the whole process. Payments for the app can be made through credit cards or biometric system. Depending on the mode of imbursement, you have to consider the secure payment mechanism and encryptions to make it possible.


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