iTunes Movies Market Share Losing Out Against Rivals, Say Hollywood Sources


Apple’s market share in movie sales and rentals has been halved by competition from the likes of Amazon and Comcast, according to a report published on Sunday.

An article by the Wall Street Journal said Apple’s share for selling and renting video content has dropped to between 20 and 35 percent, down from over 50 percent in 2012, according to sources in Hollywood.

At the same time as the sharp fall in iTunes Movies sales and rentals, Amazon has grown its share to around 20 percent, said stud…
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iTunes Launches Sale on ‘Iconic’ and ‘Essential’ Decade-Based Movie Collections


Apple recently opened up a limited-time sale within iTunes for a selection of movies dating back to the 1950s, which the company has grouped into “Iconic” and “Essential” collections (via Variety). The bundles include movies like Dr. Strangelove, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and many more.

The sale starts with a group of $19.99 “Iconic” movie bundles for each decade, beginning with the 1950s, each including ten movies.

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Apple Releases Revised Version of iTunes 12.6.1


Apple today released an updated and revised version of iTunes 12.6.1, which was originally released alongside the macOS Sierra 10.12.5 update on Monday, May 15.

The new version of iTunes is, while the previous version was It’s not clear why Apple has released a new minor update to iTunes 12.6.1, but it presumably includes some unspecified bug fix.

According to the release notes, the update “includes minor app and performance improvements.” These are the same generic release notes th…
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Apple Is Moving Its Entire International iTunes Business To Ireland

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Starting February 5th, Apple will be moving its entire international iTunes business from Luxembourg to its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, according to a note sent to developers this week. The non-U.S. iTunes business consists of Apple Music and the individual stores for iTunes, iBooks and Apps. Internationally, iTunes is available in over 140 countries, while Apple Music is streaming in roughly 115 territories. Billboard reports: Apple announced its intentions to move its iTunes biz to…

How to get a refund on purchases from the Apple App Store or iTunes


Learn how to get a refund from Apple if you purchased an app on the App Store. All sales are final, but Apple does allow you to refund a purchase if you have a legitimate reason. You can ask for a refund using your iPhone or iPad, and you can also use your computer to ask for a refund through iTunes, or your web browser.

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