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Motorola Joins the Android Enterprise Recommended Program

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This week, Google announced the launch of its Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led program that sets a new standard of excellence for enterprise devices and services. Today, Motorola proudly joins that program with the validation of its moto z2 force edition and moto x4. Establishing best practices and common requirements, … Continue reading

Secure Enterprise Collaboration

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During his opening keynote at Oktane18, Todd McKinnon, CEO and co-founder of Okta announced the partnership with Facebook Workplace to deliver advanced identity capabilities for the digital workspace. The partnership and product integration give enterprises a simple, secure way to enable modern collaboration for their workers. Workplace by Facebook also joined as an inaugural partner of … Continue reading

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for Grand Theft Auto Online

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Now is the best time to jump into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Grand Theft Auto Online. The recent release of The Doomsday Heist offers epic new cooperative Heist missions for 2-4 players where you’ll save San Andreas from total annihilation over a three-act story. And GTA Online is … Continue reading

The difference between Hybrid and Multi-Cloud for the Enterprise

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Cloud computing still presents the single biggest opportunity for enterprise companies today. Even though cloud-based solutions have been around for more than 10 years now, the concepts related to cloud continue to confuse many. Of late, it seems that Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud are the latest concepts creating confusion. To … Continue reading

CrateDB 2.0 Enterprise stresses security and monitoring—and open source

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When open source SQL database CrateDB first debuted, its professed mission was to deliver easy, fast analytics on reams of machine-generated data, while running in containerized, cloud-native environments. That mission hasn’t changed with the release of version 2.0, but it has been expanded by way of an enterprise edition with pro-level … Continue reading