Nokia testing emergency drone tech system in Philippines


The industrial research arm of Nokia has partnered with Smart communications and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) in a disaster-response initiative called “Nokia Saving Lives.” The collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs will use a network of LTE-connected drones equipped with cameras and sensors that can be deployed to disaster areas along with a portable LTE … Read more

Parrot announces two new professional drone solutions at InterDrone 2018

2018 05 10 Final Model eBee X 1024x622

The two cutting-edge platforms by Parrot-the leading European drone group-help professionals work more efficiently, cut costs, reduce worker risk and make better decisions. Parrot today strengthens its Parrot Business Solutions portfolio with the release of two new innovative platforms: the senseFly eBee X and the Parrot ANAFI Work. Launched with the promise that “it’s not … Read more

5 Emerging Technologies for the Amateur Photographer


Photography has hugely grown in confidence over the course of the past decade. The introduction of smartphones at the end of the noughties transformed the art of picture-taking, in conjunction with the growing popularity of photo-sharing on social media. In the space of a few years, the industry went from being largely the domain of … Read more

GoPro Karma quadcopter drone review

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GoPro Karma quadcopter drone review It’s been a few years now since drones first became available on the consumer market and in that time they’ve become a vital piece of equipment for those who make cycling videos. The technology allows filmmakers to provide a perspective of riding that … Read more on