Samsung, Keyssa, Foxconn Announce New Data Sharing Standard


Keyssa, a device connection startup, has teamed up with Samsung and Hon Hai Precision Industry, the parent company of Foxconn, to announce its new “Connected World” standard, which seeks to utilize Keyssa’s own “Kiss” technology to send large amounts of data quickly between individual devices. Specifically, Connected World is intended to enable data transfers on the order of gigabits within just a few seconds. The new standard is not based on Wi-Fi, and can be applied in both the Internet of Things and in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

This is an expansion of the Kiss technology that was previously available only on smartphones. The ne… |

iRobot Wants to Sell Mapping Data Collected by Roomba Vacuums to a Tech Company Like Apple


iRobot CEO Colin Angle today told Reuters that he hopes indoor mapping data collected by Roomba automatic vacuum cleaning machines can be sold to a company like Amazon, Apple, or Google in the near future.

iRobot’s latest line of 900-series Roomba vacuums use simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology to map rooms while they clean, memorizing room layout and the location of furniture. Angle believes that mapping data collected by the Roomba could be used to make other in-home smart devices like lighting, thermostats, and security cameras smarter.

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T-Mobile CTO: Rival Unlimited Plans Are Stifling Data Speeds


T-Mobile’s CTO, Neville Ray, says the rival unlimited plans from networks Verizon and AT&T are stifling the data speeds of those companies, and is likely a result of the lift that both wireless carriers were seeing due to the changes made to the unlimited plans that are now being offered to subscribers. Ray’s comments aren’t completely unfounded as it’s reported that both Verizon and AT&T saw a decrease in Mbps speeds on their networks during the second quarter, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that the cause of this decrease is the unlimited plans changes made by each carrier. It does, however, suggest that is the case.

According to Ray, Q… |

PhoneRescue makes iPhone data loss less scary


This post is brought to you by iMobie, maker of PhoneRescue. Our iPhones carry all our important info, which makes them something of liability. Losing or breaking one is painful enough, but often the loss of personal data is even worse. Recovery services like Time Machine and iCloud make this less of a worry. But […]

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