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Sprint offering free 4G LTE data for Snapdragon PCs

PCs powered by a Snapdragon processor are attractive because they can include cellular connectivity, letting you get online anywhere. Now Sprint is making these devices even more attractive with a special offer. Sprint … PhoneDog.com – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

How to Back Up iPhone Data to an External Drive

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A recent incident reminded me of the importance of backing up one’s phone regularly. Soon after carrying my recycling out to the curbside, I realized I had misplaced my 6-month-old iPhone. Cue brief panic, followed by deep concern that I’d somehow tossed my device into that transparent bag I’d left … Continue reading

Xbox: Here’s All Your Data That Microsoft May Share With Publishers

Microsoft, like Sony before it, is taking steps to be more transparent about the data it collects from Xbox users and in detailing what circumstances it is shared with other companies. The next time you boot up your Xbox One, you may be greeted with a page that reiterates Microsoft’s … Continue reading

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Transcends The Boundaries in Easy Android Data Recovery

We have seen many people panicking when they have deleted something from their Android without proper knowledge. It happens when you clean up the Android for extra space, you know. Instead of panicking, they can do something better, though — use an Android data recovery software. Then, there is the … Continue reading

iOS 11.4 will reportedly make it harder for cops and robbers to extract data from your iPhone

Researchers at digital forensics software firm Elcomsoft have discovered an interesting security feature that’s slated to become available in the next version of iOS; and could make it harder to extract data from your stolen or seized iPhone. It’s called USB Restricted Mode, and it basically locks down the data … Continue reading

Relational Data Model: Back to the Roots

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Back to the Roots Recently, I realized that the associative/semiotic/hypergraph (R3DM/S3DM) technology framework we propose to be adopted in database management systems can be considered in many ways an extension to Codd’srelational model. I am aware that this is a big claim and certainly this is not the place or … Continue reading

Ransomware Attacks Rose Rapidly in 2017: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Data

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Unless you avoided reading or listening to the news last year (and with everything going on in the world who can blame you), you no doubt heard reports of ransomware attack after ransomware attack occurring in 2017. This type of hacking issue, where cybercriminals break into individual or company systems … Continue reading

RFgen’s Mobile Data Collection Software Version 5.1 Delivers Anywhere, Any Device Mobility

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RFgen Software announced today the general availability of its newest software release, RFgen Version 5.1. This software release is currently available for existing RFgen customers with an active RFgen Software Maintenance Plan….Software – United States – Latest News Read also How can AI (Artificial Intelligence) improve the performance of call center … Continue reading