GE Leverages NVIDIA Self-Driving Car AI Technology To Help Doctors Save Lives

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NVIDIA has now announced that it is extending a long-term partnership with GE Healthcare to bring artificial intelligence (AI) technology to over 500,000 imaging devices that are used at health facilities around the globe. According to GE, over 50 petabytes of data are generated annually by the average hospital from medical images, clinical … … Read more

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & GPUs for Cybersecurity

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a significant opportunity to solve problems previously either not easy to solve or worse, not possible to solve. The combination of AI along with today’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology provides an added boost to those leveraging sophisticated algorithms in their deep learning solutions. These sophisticated systems are able to train … Read more

Could Tech for the Elderly Make Them Less Lonely?

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Could Tech for the Elderly Make Them Less Lonely? We’re accustomed to reports about the internet and social media making us less connected and more lonely, but could new technology actually do the opposite for the elderly? Three new tech developments suggest that might, indeed, be the case. Artificial Intelligence for the Elderly Intuition Robotics, creator … Read more