SONOFF® DIY Wi-Fi Wireless Switch For Smart Home With ABS Shell Mobile APP Timer Socket Remote Control Switch Module



Sonoff and Slampher are smart WiFi Wireless products which will connect with your home appliances and lights by Wi-Fi, allowing you to remotely turn devices on or off, set timing schedules, check devices status through the APP in your smart phone.Slampher can connect to light bulbs with E27 screw base while Sonoff can connect to various home appliances.

How do Sonoff and Slampher work?


Sonoff and Slampher will send data to cloud platform through Wi-Fi Router, they pair with the Wi-Fi through the APP, thus you can control all added appliances and lights with your smart phone or tablet.

APP Remote Control

As long as the phone has network(2G/3G/WiFi), you can remotely control all your devices. The APP supports
– Checking all devices status
– Remotely turn on or off the devices
– Setting maximum 8 timing schedules

How to operate the APP?
– Register and log in
– Add devices(auto-search devices to be configured —select the device to be added—select the wifi to be paired with—configure)
– Control devices(remote turn on/off, set timing schedules, check status, share devices)

2 Ways to control Sonoff and Slampher
You can control your Sonoff and Slampher by 2 ways: by the manual switch, by the APP. No matter which way you use, the status are synchronous.


Specification :

Power: <=0.5W
Rate Voltage: 100-260V
Power Adapter: Without Power Adapter
Other Features: Control mode: Mobile APP;
                          Transmission mode: Wi-Fi communication;
                          Controlled lines: 1;
                          Control distance: infinity;
                          Power: 7A/1500W;
                          Platform: Android, iOS;
                          Working temperature: 0-55 degree

Size: 8.6 * 3.8 * 2cm

Package included:

1 x Remote switch module

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