Rearview Cameras Help Improve Car Safety

Backup cameras , which are also known as reversing or rearview cameras, are cameras mounted on the rear part of a car with a viewing screen mounted on the dashboard. Its primary purpose is to allow drivers to clearly view what is behind them and in their blind spots without turning their necks to look back.

According to federal regulations, all new cars sold in the US will be required to have these backup cameras to assist drivers in parking easily in tight spots. In addition, the cameras help drivers to avoid accidents where pedestrians, most often children, the elderly and cyclists, are run over because drivers cannot see them as they reverse their cars.

How It Works

The cameras turn on once the driver changes to the reverse gear. It then displays an image of the area behind the vehicle on the dashboard or in a small screen on the rearview camera. The field of view shown is a ten by twenty-foot area directly behind the car.

Nonetheless, it is vital to keep in mind that backup cameras are not here to replace mirrors or do away with turning around to look. Instead, they are an added safety measure to uncover any underlying hazards.

Accidents When Reversing

Research has shown that more than 10,000 people get injured every year with 200 dying because of accidents caused by backing up. With the adoption of this technology, it is estimated that backup related accidents will decrease by approximately 17 percent.

Here are some of the significant benefits of rearview cameras.

Prevents Accidents

Every day crashes occur when small children are accidentally run over when their parents are reversing their car out of the garage. However, these can be prevented by adopting the technology of backup cameras since you as a parent or a pet owner will be able to confidently reverse knowing that no children or pet is standing behind or under the car.

Park with Ease

A rear camera gives you a better view for you to see your surroundings when parking in tight spots. This will help you to avoid hitting other objects or vehicles when adjusting. When it comes to parallel parking, rearview cameras enable you to make the right moves to park your car in tight areas.

Eliminate the Blind Zone

The backup camera allows drivers to see clearly by giving them a wider angle than the rearview mirrors. Relying on audio sensors instead of backup cameras can sometimes lead to false warnings. According to statistics, vehicles with backup cameras reduce the blind zone by about 90 percent.

Saves Money

Having a backup camera can save you huge expenses that could have resulted from hitting another car or ramming into a wall on your way in or out of a tight parking space. In addition, several automobile insurance companies are beginning to offer discounts when you invest in safety equipment such as rearview cameras. Modified backup cameras can catch license plate numbers in cases of hit-and-run claims, which can help you to prove that an accident wasn’t your fault.

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