What has iOS 11 brought For Us?

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iOS 11 is the next big thing that is made by Apple. Apple CEO, Tim Cook said: “iOS 11 has the best updates and advanced operating system.”

How has iOS 11 come in the Market?

iOS 11 has come in the market with subtle design changes. Text used in iOS 11 is bold while applications like calculator and phone have a complete new look, and control center plus lock screen of iOS is entirely redesigned. Users can customize control center in iPhone 11, and 3D touch integration has expanded in iPhone 11.

iOS 11’s Lock Screen And Siri

Lock screen in iOS 11 is merged with notification center, and swiping down on the screen to see notifications now brings up the lock screen. Siri (Apple’s intelligent personal assistant) has a more natural voice, and it is more intelligent than it was before. Siri learns about users’ preferences, and it also translate English into different languages.

New Features in iOS 11

Apple has introduced new features in iOS 11 to make its iPhone more capable than ever before. A consistent dock at the bottom of display screen of iPhone 11 make it easy for users to launch or switch between applications. There is a new application switcher in iPhone 11 that let you see things that you are working on at a glance. Apple pencil does more, and several apps like Mail and Notes support inline drawing in iOS 11. Drag and drop option in iPhone 11 help users to drag content like images and links from one app to another. There is also a new finder-style files app in iOS 11.

Novel Keyboard, Notes, Map, and Music

New keyboard features are also introduced in iPhone 11, and it help users to type numbers and symbols more quickly. Many of the built-in apps have a new functionality and feature updates in Apple’s iOS 11. Notes involve searchable writing and document scanning. Maps gains path guidance, speed limit information, and indoor maps for malls and airports, where as Apple Music includes a novel feature that let you see what you friends are listening to and also help you share your own music.

Photos, Speakers, and Do Not Disturbed Option

The memories feature in photos is wiser than ever, and even camera application with portrait mode and live photos have improved in Apple’s iOS 11 with new capabilities. Homekit now has speakers, and there is also a novel airplay 2 protocol in iOS 11 that includes multi-room functionality. Do not disturb option has been expanded to encourage driving. Users can easily drive a car by muting notifications with do not disturb option.

Messages and Future Updates

Messages app has also improved in iOS. There’s also a new app drawer below the text entry in messages in iOS that is designed to make it easier to access apps and stickers for users. Messages will also gain support for a novel person-to-person Apple pay feature that will let you send money to family and friends right through iMessages, and iMessages will be stored in iCloud, in future update of iOS 11.

Photos, Videos, and Apple Store

Photos and videos also take less space in iPhone 11 due to adoption of new HEIF (High Efficiency Image File) and HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) formats. Apple store has completely changed in iOS 11, and there are two distinct sections for apps and games in iPhone 11. There is also a novel “today” view in iPhone 11 that shows new content on a daily basis to make it easier for users to discover fresh apps and games.

Apple iOS 11’s APIs

Apple iOS 11 can do a lot more with its APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that include CoreML (a machine learning framework that can help developers to build intelligent applications) and ARKit (that is designed to allow developers to create high quality augmented reality apps).

Betas and GM (Golden Master) Versions

Apple sowed 10 betas of iOS 11 to developers and 9 betas to public beta testers along with a GM (Golden Master) version of the software. The GM version of iOS 11 represents the final software that will be provided to public on September 19, 2017.


There are subtle design updates in iOS 11. Control center in iPhone 11 now takes full screen. Lock screen and notification center have merged into single entity in iOS 11. Siri is updated with more realistic male and female voices that very closely impersonate natural human speech. Files app is very well organized, and it offers prompt access to all content that is stowed on iOS device. Dock is expanded in iOS 11, and it’s more like a dock on the Mac. Drag and drop feature allows text, links, photos, and files to be transferred from one application to other without disturbance. iOS 11 has a better keyboard, and it is quicker to type symbols and numbers on iOS 11 keyboard. Apple pencil support has expanded with new features and functions that allows it to work anywhere in the operating system similar to a finger. Apple’s iOS 11 supports indoor maps of malls and airport around the world. Apple news has a new tab called, “spotlight” in iPhone 11 that displays selection of news stories picked up by Apple. In iOS 11, users can make a music profile that allow them to share playlists with friends, and they can also see their friend’s playlists. Users can use a slider to select a part of the live photos that looks the best in iPhone 11. Apple Safari has a new feature that prevent websites from tracking users across multiple sites for the purpose of delivering ads. Data collected in the health app of Apple can be uploaded to iCloud.

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2 responses to “What has iOS 11 brought For Us?”

  1. Martha Clark Avatar

    All I know that iOS 11 brings hundreds of new features to iPhone and iPad including an all new App Store, a more proactive and intelligent Siri, improvements to Camera and Photos, and augmented reality technologies to enable immersive experiences.

  2. emilythomson Avatar

    All I know is that iOS 11 adds hundreds of new features to the iPhone and iPad, including an all-new App Store, a more proactive and intelligent Siri, camera and photo upgrades, and augmented reality technology to enable immersive experiences.

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