How to Make a Happy Life With A 4k Movie Projector with A Cup of Coffee or Popcorn



4k Movie Projector

In movie theatres, there is an option of bringing on popcorns while you’re enjoying the movie. Why do people do that? Well, it’s a good experience to concentrate on the happenings of the movie while you’re chewing some food like popcorn.

Now, let’s broaden up our horizon of thoughts a little bit. Let’s replace the theatre movie with your own 4K movie projector, and the popcorn with a cup of hot, delicious coffee.

Sounds better, right?

And in this article, we’re going to talk about exactly this topic. We’ll show you how you can make your coffee+popcorn and movie combo much better.

Tips to Make Your Life Better with A Coffee/Popcorn and a Movie Projector

In this section, we will be showing you how some little things can make your movie nights even better. Let’s dive right in-

Use A Good Quality 4K Projector

The choice of movie and coffee- both differ from person to person. When it comes to movies, there are different genres such as romantic, horror, sci-fi, thriller, rom-com, etc.

But what everybody loves is the high resolution and big screen to watch the movie. And when it comes to high resolution, you don’t have to stick to the options of 4K TVs only. As they are pricey, you can go for cheaper options such as a projector.

Today in 2019, there are pretty much high-quality projectors that would give you the exact same experience of an expensive TV screen. But the fun fact is, the price is pretty much low and affordable.

Another major benefit of using a projector for movie times is- you can set them up literally anywhere with an AC power connection. Even if you don’t have an AC adapter nearby, you can use a DC to AC converter to power the projector up.

Another major benefit of using a 4K projector is, you can source the movie from any device directly. In fact, some of the projectors have Wi-fi connectivity with them, with which you can go wireless from the PC or laptop.

Grab A Cup of Your Favorite Coffee

Now, it’s about the second part of our discussion, where we will be talking about the drink and beverages that can accompany you throughout the movie hours.

The first option is definitely, the coffee. Because a niche shot or cappuccino or mocha coffee can keep you fresh, alert and concentrated towards the events of the movie. Also, it will do the job of uplifting your mood while watching the movie.

There are many kinds of coffee grains and flavors indeed. But most of them are basically the variation of roasting the coffee beans. If you go for half roasted coffee beans, the caffeine count will be high. In case you go for full roasted coffee, the caffeine count will below.

Here is a list of what we’re trying to say:

  1. Full roasted coffee- Pretty much bitter in taste, and low in caffeine count.
  2. Mid-roasted coffee- Average in caffeine count, and good in taste.
  3. Lightly roasted coffee- Pretty much high in caffeine count, and great in taste.

To take the taste of the coffee to the next level, you can add different flavors and add-ons onto it. And this will be done best if you make your own coffee shot, not purchase from the professional coffee shops.

Setup the Surrounding To Bring on The Mood

The mood and likeliness of a movie+coffee combo majorly depend on the situation you are in. As an example, a tiring and hectic end of the day might not bring you the best experience in it. But a beautiful evening of the weekend might bring the magic in.

So, set up the time, moment and surrounding as the perfect one for the experience. You can play a little bit with the lighting of the room, the interior and maybe the air freshener that you use on a daily basis.

Get Some Company

Movies are always enjoyed better when you have someone to discuss the events of it. We are talking about maybe your partner, your parents, your friends, and whatnot? Having the right companion to watch the movie definitely takes it the extra mile.

In this regard, group hangouts for the movies are the best ideas. Just imagine a camping night out at a seashore, where a 4K projector is set right, and you along with your friends are up there for an episode of FRIENDS.

Sounds exciting, right? That’s exactly what we’re talking about.

No Compromise with the Technical Stuff

A projector is merely everything that you need for a movie-watching night, right?

There are a number of other accessories and hardware that you need to make it perfect. Here is a list of some basic items of the list-

  1. Sound system
    Definitely, one of the deciding factors when it comes to the quality of the movie watching. Having a full surrounding sound system will take the movie experience to the next level.
  2. The Connectivity
    When you are looking for a seamless movie runtime, you would hate to be interrupted due to a bad wire connection, right? We would, therefore, advise you to get a good quality cable connection. If you can raise your budget a little bit, there are wireless connectivity projectors that will take the movie file right from your laptop without any wired connection.

Bottom Line

Spending some quality time with your friends, partner or family might turn into a lifetime memory if done in the right way. A combination of a 4K movie projector and some nice rounds of coffee can be the best ingredient to it.

Hopefully, this guide had helped you out in this regard. Best of luck!

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