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Customer Success Plan
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Everyone has a plan. From students, politicians, to business owners, everyone plans on some aspects they would like to achieve. Customer Success is becoming an important variable in the business landscape with business efforts being driven by customer expectations and customer operating practices. A customer success plan is necessary to keep customer success managers on track with what they want to achieve. Delivering an ultimate customer experience is what all business owners need to do to make a mark in the competitive arena.

Customer success managers need a solid idea addressing what they want to deliver, when they want to deliver, and how they chose to deliver.

Before crafting a plan, there is a need to check off some best practices while creating a customer success plan.

What is a Customer Success Plan?

A customer success plan is a statement of “how’ you will deliver value to a customer throughout the lifecycle and “what” that value will be. It is built on customer expectations and your business objectives. Creating a plan focused on meeting customer expectations and value realisation is what customer success managers should aim at.

From facilitating an effective product adoption rate to creating product advocates, and reducing churn customer success managers should include all this in a customer success plan. Aligning expectations and goals, looking to overcome potential roadblocks, and expanding your business strategy to become a customer-first company are some of the important objectives of a customer success plan.

5 Steps to Create a Customer Success Plan

Being complacent in customer success is very costly in the long run. Learn why your customer success plan is your key to growth.

Define Expectations

The logical first step is to know what your target, milestones, and end-goals will be. What is it that the leadership sees in terms of achievement? What does the customer expect? Aligning these two to create a tailor-made plan so s to meet the best needs is what is steps should be.

Do not assume what the customer expectations are. Ask them instead. What they want to see through your product or service, what their priorities are, etc. Define your expectations together and segment your customers based on that. As that happens, you can prioritize them and act upon it.

Action Oriented

The next is to create a process which will walk your customers from the point of onboarding, to product adoption, customer education, and documentation. This action becomes easier when you use a smart tool to help you cement your customer success strategy.

Measuring and Tracking

Based on business goals, it is important to understand each expectation in relation to its metrics. Tracking and measuring customer health, identifying red flags in customer journey, and getting the best customer insights are important in this phase. Your objectives should be actionable and measurable. Reducing churn and maximising customer value is what is important in this phase.


Helping customers draw up plans to track success and get results. Defining timelines for your strategy, being flexible with customers, and making sure responsibilities are worked on with customers. Creating a customer success strategy is thus essential to make sure all targets are assigned and aligned well to business expectations.


The most important and final step is to make sure there is transparent communication, regular check-in meetings, quarterly business reviews, and frequent surveys. Communicating with customers frequently, updating them on product upgrades, new features, and tools is the next step and by extension- a recurring step in customer success planning.

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Bottom Line

A joint effort is necessary to reach goals and objectives. Guidance in the customer journey through a decided customer success plan will proactively engage the customers and reduce churn. Remember that customer success plans is equal to company success plan.

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