How To Build An Extremely Productive Test Automation Team?

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People are wrong when they think that effective test automation is only dependent on writing codes. You can ask all the best test automation companies in the industry and they will tell you that the success of test automation companies depends upon the disciplined, reliable, proficient, and innovative in developing and supporting long-term automation procedures.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the 5 steps process to develop an extremely productive test automation team.

Get A Reality Check As Quickly As Possible

Sometimes test automation companies are considered as a way to replace all sorts of human efforts. This is a very big misconception; it comes from un-ending sales pitches on the simplicity of developing, uploading, and using automated test cases.

A good test automation process is created incorporating disciplines like developing software that could serve their team efficiently. You are initially required to create a team that understands the obstacles and difficulties involved in sustaining and designing a good automation framework along with automated test scripts.

There are many best test automation companies that are ready to partner with you and provide you with the best possible framework. This will assist you in creating a sustainable test automation strategy.

Appoint a Leader

You must hire a leader regardless of how many experts are there in your QA engineers’ team. This is very important to set the tone right. The person selected as a QA team leader must possess an excellent track record of executing and developing test automation that has been used for multiple reasons.

You are required to make sure the way your desired candidates create automation testing frameworks. These frameworks must be very easy to maintain over time. In addition to this, you are required to evaluate your probable candidate on their training techniques to assist team members in creating and sustaining test cases.

Add More Members To The Group

In order to create a team, you are required to view if your probable candidates have a stanza to grow and learn. You probably team members must have considerable years of experience in their portfolio. You should ask them regarding the role they play in adding value to your team and company.

While you are inquiring about their capabilities, you can also ask them about the practices that they incorporated from their previous teammates and leaders. You are advised to keep your distance from people who are self-praising and self-talking.

Bring All the Experts On Board

Usually, the top test automation companies do not only depend on hiring people for just developing automated tests. They also find experts that can develop their overall testing processes.

A developer must have proper experience and knowledge of software development. This would assist them to bring diversity to the team. Likewise, hiring a freshly graduated test engineer would make a commendable contender who can be taught to become a basic Quality Assurance engineer.

You are required to concentrate on hiring experts in project management, analysis and reporting, and administrative procedures. As the team expands, these areas become more important for your team’s well-being and success.

Select the Right Size of Your Team

Only you can measure that. The size of the team matters a lot because you must have people in backup if some members leave or fall sick.

It is completely ok if your test automation team just includes two people. You can begin test automation with only one engineer. However, when your team becomes dependent on it, you are required to have a 2nd test automation QA engineer prepared to continue.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be said that these 5 steps will assist top test automation companies to develop effective test automation teams.

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