Engine Maintenance Made Easy

Engine Maintenance
Engine Maintenance

Maintaining your bike engine is important for your security and it keeps your ride in its best working condition. Thus, performing periodic maintenance on the engine will ensure that your ride will run well for a long time. One should keep a maintenance schedule to make sure that your engine will work well and be mechanically sound. Right maintenance on the engine will help you avoid costly repairs. Here are some things by which you can make your engine maintenance easy

Motorcycle engine oil

As per your bike model, your engine oil can be changed within 6 months. Lubrication is crucial for bike care and right engine oil keeps your engine lubricated. It lowers down the noise generation and keeps the other parts cool.

The engine oil should be of perfect consistency to do proper lubrication. You can also apply lubricant on swing arm, suspension link, and wheel bearing to help in better performance.

Motorcycle fuel

For smooth running of your bike, you should consider the kind of fuel you put. If your engine is malfunctioning, you may need a higher-grade fuel. But, you should use a high grade fuel to enhance the overall performance of the bike.

Motorcycle fluids

As per your manufacturer’s guidelines, doing time to time fluid change is also important for the engine maintenance process. Ne should use the right automobile oil for the motorbike. You should also check the brake fluid to maintain brake’s accuracy. Another thing, to keep in mind is the motorcycle battery fluid level.

Motorcycle chain

For those who ride bikes very often, they should check the chain twice in a month. The chain helps in transferring the power of the engine to the back wheel. Thus, you should adjust and clean it for safe operation. When you maintain your bike’s chain, you should know that it has the right amount of amount of slack.

Motorcycle spark plugs

Though they are small, but spark plugs are important for the overall performance of your motorcycle. If they are dirty or poorly corroded, you should replace them instantly. However, before maintaining the spark plugs, make sure the bike has been cooled for 2 hours.

Remove the debris and grit so that nothing falls in the engine when you remove the plug.

Motorcycle air filter

If the air filter of your motorcycle is clogged with debris and dust, your ride will fail to breathe properly which could affect its performance. You should remove the filters and see the clogging. And if needed, replace them instantly. For better maintenance of your bike, clean the filter every 10000 km.

For better performance of your bike’s engine, you should also know about the other motorcycle parts and its functions. Going for the best motorcycle mods will help you in getting better performing engine.


Doing the right maintenance on your motorcycle engine is important just like the maintenance of your motorcycle. Surely it is the engine that does all the work. Regular maintenance should be done every 10,000 km to keep it in the perfect operating condition. But, if you ignore it, then you may suffer with unnecessary repair costs and unwanted life-threatening situations.

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