Download OxygenOS Open Beta 23 for OnePlus 5T

Here is the latest OxygenOS Open Beta 23 for OnePlus 5T

What’s new ?


Updated Android security patch to 2019.01
Improvements for screen brightness control
Confirm pin without tapping √ for app locker
Improved color adaptation for navigation bar when using third-party apps


Added create collection, copy and move photos features
New illustrations and design on blank pages
General Bug fixes and overall experience improvements


Added recommended tools in toolbox
Improved UI for category tags in app drawer


Added call history for incoming calls from unknown numbers
Improved UI for Call History


Added more search options to improve the accuracy of search results
Weather descriptions more accurate
Added more unit options for precipitation, visibility, pressure and other data
Added more detailed descriptions to weather icons

•OnePlus Switch

Now supports migrating data from iPhone


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