How dash cams can save you from trouble

The dash cam is the latest, popular gadget that drivers all around the world are using in the cars during their journeys. We look at what a dash cam is, how they work and why the video footage they capture can be useful to motorists.

Here’s a video showing how the dash cam can be a game changer for drivers:

What a dash cam is and how they work

A dash cam is a small camera, that is usually mounted on the windscreen or dashboard of a car which faces and films the road ahead. There are also dual mounted dash cameras available, which film from the rear of a car too.

Dash cams turn on and begin filming once the car engine is started, recording the entire journey. The videos are timestamped and tamperproof making them a great source of evidence for any type of motoring incident.

How dash cam footage can be used

Due to its reliability, dash cam footage can be used as evidence in various circumstances. They first proved popular with Russian drivers as a way of drivers safeguarding themselves against ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraudsters as well as corrupt police officers. Many insurers are now accepting the video footage in claims and encourage their drivers to use dash cams – some insurers even offer cheaper insurance rates to drivers already using one.

Dash cam videos are also proving to be a good method at catching other drivers behaving badly behind the wheel. Illegal activity such as text driving or road rage are much easier to report to police when there’s evidence of the crime and a clear view of the offending driver’s license plate number.

Not only do they help report bad drivers, dash cams are also improving the driving of their users. As their journeys are being filmed, and possibly reviewed in the event of an accident, dash cam drivers are having to make sure that their driving skills are up to a safe, roadworthy standard.


With dash cam use providing more benefit and the video footage being used in more situations, it’s easy to see how they’ve become so common with drivers.

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