Cosmic Watch: A Beautiful Universal Model for Phones and Tablets

cosmic watch

Cosmic Watch: A Beautiful Universal Model for Phones and Tablets

Cosmic Watch is not a watch face or even a conventional clock app. It’s an app that models the Earth, the solar system, and most of the familiar constellations in 3D specifically as they relate to both real-time and any point in the past. It’s also stunningly beautiful – you don’t often see educational apps with such a focus on aesthetic beauty.

As a realtime Astro-clock, you can choose from over 5,000 cities and watch its perfect depiction of the sky at your current location. You can align the image with the cardinal points and use it to find objects in the sky. Besides seeing the sky for the current time and place, you can set the date and place to view.

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You can add many different kinds of labels and grids, including planetary names, constellations, the celestial sphere, the horizon, equatorial coordinates, a compass, aspect lines, and even clouds and interstellar gas and dust.

The depiction can show planets as either photographic images (including accurate lunar phases) or astrological glyphs, shows the day/night boundary (or day or night, depending upon the orientation), and the app thoughtfully provides the ability to quickly take and save a snapshot of any image.

The rendering of the Earth and sky is breathtaking and the image can be spun (with the swipe of a finger), and the display can be animated.

The animation is particularly well implemented, as one can set the time interval/speed (seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc.), and when a Solar or Lunar eclipse occurs, the program pops up a note pointing it out.

Equally remarkable is the Solar System view, which allows one to see astronomical events like retrogrades begin and end.

The program also offers a World Clock which depicts the time zones clearly around the World.

Both the beauty and the phenomenal amount of information depicted in the Cosmic-Watch is amazing, and I highly recommend this to
Android , iPhone, and iPad owners.

This app, for both Android ($4.25) and iOS ($3.99), is a stunningly beautiful astronomical clock with many features.

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