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Shy Lee

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Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers.

Finance and Employee Resources Major Elements a Business must Manage through Automation

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There is a major difference between running a business and successfully running a business is the implementation of an automation tool that manages and oversees all your policy to be strictly followed by the employees who are working on all the branches which are located on the domestic land as … Continue reading

How to Tackle Rapid Expansion with Attendance Management Software?

If you have faced difficulties in handling employee attendance processing, it probably a very common problem faced by businesses across the Indian subcontinent. This is mainly due to the manual recording and processing of the data with tonnes of data entry work. The increasing number of employees will only contribute … Continue reading

How to Make Progressive Stands for Your Company with Hr Software

This year it is one more step further with evolution in business tactics leveraged by systems which are best in the automation segment to handle employees. These are the unicorns for a company that allows them to fly towards the goal which is predetermined by them. There might be some … Continue reading

A complete take-down on Spreadsheet vs. Automated Performance Management

performance management

Employee performance is a sensitive aspect of the strategic functioning of any company. But the use of generic Spreadsheet tools cannot deliver the expected results to businesses owing to a multitude of reasons. This article discusses the use of Spreadsheets templates for performance management of employees, and the counter-productiveness resulted … Continue reading

Four Reasons to start using a Dedicated Leave Management Software in your Company

leave management software

There is one thing in common between offices and elementary schools, which is the way they process their leave requests. The schools need the students to submit a written leave application and get it signed by the class counselor. However, using the same old method in a professional environment is … Continue reading