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Shiraz kahn

About Shiraz kahn

Shiraz Kahn is an experienced writer and researcher who has been building and implementing successful digital marketing strategies for businesses for more than 17 years.

Why a Website is Key to the Success of Your Vacation Rental Business

Vacation Rental Business

It seems amazing that, in 2019, around half of all small businesses are still yet to have their own website. In terms of marketing, nothing can touch the reach and effectiveness of what the internet brings, so by having no website, business owners have nowhere to point their potential customers. … Continue reading

7 Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty

Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer retention strategies form an integral part of the marketing repertoire of any business today. The old adage ‘the customer is king’ holds a lot of value in contemporary times. Therefore, it becomes imperative to focus on ways to improve customer loyalty. So today, I am going to put together … Continue reading