ASRock Unveils Blazing-Fast 180Hz Phantom Gaming Monitors

Gaming Monitor Series - PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B

ASRock Ignites a New Era of Gaming Performance with 180Hz Phantom Gaming Monitors

ASRock, a leading innovator in motherboards, graphics cards, mini PCs, and now gaming monitors, raises the bar for competitive gameplay with the launch of its next-generation Phantom Gaming monitors. Boasting a groundbreaking 180Hz refresh rate, the initial offerings – PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B – redefine smooth visuals and lightning-fast responsiveness, empowering gamers to dominate the competition.

Unparalleled Speed: 180Hz Refresh Rate for Seamless Performance

Break free from sluggish displays and experience unparalleled speed with the ASRock Phantom Gaming 180Hz monitor series. This revolutionary technology delivers a significant 25% increase in refresh rate compared to conventional 144Hz monitors, effectively eliminating motion blur and screen tearing. The result is an incredibly smooth and clear visual experience, granting players a critical edge in fast-paced games where every millisecond counts. The benefits extend beyond the realm of gaming; content creators will appreciate the seamless screen performance that elevates editing and creation workflows.

Stunning Visual Fidelity: QHD Resolution and VESA DisplayHDR 400

Immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals with the PG27QFT2A and PG27QFT1B monitors, both equipped with stunning QHD resolution panels. Witness remarkable clarity and detail come to life, ensuring you never miss a critical detail during gameplay or while meticulously editing footage. Further enhancing the visual experience, VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 certification delivers vibrant and realistic colors, transporting you into stunningly immersive worlds.

Unveiling the Power of Wi-Fi 7: Exclusive Integrated Antenna (PG27QFT2A)

The PG27QFT2A takes innovation to the next level by incorporating an ingenious built-in Wi-Fi antenna. This unique feature supports the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard, boasting a staggering 480% increase in transmission speed compared to the previous generation Wi-Fi 6E. Say goodbye to frustrating signal interference caused by desktop clutter. The antenna seamlessly connects to your PC, ensuring a clear and reliable Wi-Fi connection with a peak gain of up to 7dBi. This translates to smoother online gaming experiences free from lag and a stable network environment for all your needs.

Designed for Victory: A Winning Combination of Features

The ASRock Phantom Gaming 180Hz monitors deliver a comprehensive package tailored for the modern gamer and creative professional. Here’s a closer look at the winning features:

  • 180Hz Refresh Rate: Experience unparalleled smoothness and responsiveness for a competitive edge.
  • QHD Resolution: Witness stunning clarity and detail in every image.
  • VESA DisplayHDR 400: Immerse yourself in vibrant and realistic colors.
  • IPS Panel: Enjoy exceptional viewing angles for a flawless visual experience.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: Connect to a variety of devices with ease.
  • Adjustable Stand: Find the perfect viewing position for comfort and performance.
  • Exclusive Wi-Fi 7 Antenna (PG27QFT2A): Unleash the full potential of the latest wireless standard (PG27QFT2A only).

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Unleash your true gaming potential and elevate your creative workflow with the all-new ASRock Phantom Gaming 180Hz monitors. Visit the official product pages for more information:

About ASRock

ASRock is a global leading manufacturer specializing in the development and production of a wide range of motherboard models, graphics cards, mini PCs, industrial PCs, and gaming monitors. Committed to the pursuit of quality and innovation, ASRock offers a variety of cutting-edge technology for gamers, creators, and everyday users alike.

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