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Everybody loves nature and greenery. People try to create a natural environment around them to enjoy nature. For this purpose, they plant trees and grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other crops.

Your smartphone is there to help you too. Many different apps are available to provide guidance in agriculture and gardening. Here is a list of some popular and renowned Android apps related to plants.


Agrobase is an app specially designed for farmers and agriculturists. It is an encyclopedia for agriculture including vast data for every kind of plant, weed, pest, and plant disease. Frequent updates, informative photo galleries, and thorough descriptions make this app a must-try for every gardener and farmer. Overall it is one of the best apps of this kind.


As implied by the name this particular app is developed for the identification of flowers. In actuality, it is basically a service provided by the flower experts. You just send them a picture and they tell you in response what kind of flower this is or what is its name. This application is not free and costs you about $1 for each picture. This looks heavy on your pocket but the experts justify this by saying that computer database or algorithm is not capable enough to check these so humans have to answer the query.

Google Play Books (or other literature libraries)

Gardening is a hobby adopted by a huge amount of people around the world. People want to grow plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables in their backyards and on their farms. They need to have extensive knowledge of gardening, plant identification and nourishing, how to plant seeds, how to grow stuff, the amount of fertilizers required, and the related information. Google play books app is really helpful in this regard. You can have other apps for this purpose as well like Amazon Kindle and others.


PictureThis is a new app that works on the same algorithm of picture identification and image processing algorithms. Just like Google Image search, you capture a picture of a plant, flower, fruit, or whatever. The app uses this photo to answer you by cross-checking this picture in the database. Off course, computer algorithms are not much efficient so there are chances of errors in this app but still, it is a good app. Another interesting thing about this app is that it is absolutely free without any ads or in-app purchases.


Just like other apps, Plantix is another good quality application for people with a gardener’s mindset. This app provides sufficient information regarding plant growth, symptoms of diseases, and their cure methods. This app has a potential reach for almost all the world over and can be taken as a social media platform regarding plants. This is a totally free app with no ads or in-app purchases.

What’s That Flower

What That flower deserves to be on this list because of its popular flower identification traits? Unlike PictureThis and FlowerChecker this app works in a very unique and different way. It asks questions about the flower for example what is the color? What kind of petals it has? The kind of environment where it grows? After collecting all the information, the app tries to give you the best possible answer. More than 600 different types of flower species are available in the database of this app. The free version of the app is for online support only with ads also. However, you can get offline support along with some other features in the premium version for nominal charges.

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