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You are missing out if you are not playing games on your iPhone. Here are five best iPhone games of 2018:

1. The Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia in the start in the town you are surrounded by strangers, you got a warrior under your command. There are 30 turns that you can explore, ally with and locate or to attack the other miniature empires. Ruler of the tribe role has given to the player in which you have to compete with the other tribes which can be with the computer or other one is pass and play turn base. You can upgrade your civilization and find or research advance technologies. Discovering new lands and ruling on them. Engage in combat to train units. To gain population you have to develop the surroundings. The more population you get the more cities or area is require. And all those area have to protection from the other attacker tribes. Large area also need higher cost of technological research to enrich the cities and population. You can play single mode in which the goal is to achieve the highest possible score in limited time and moves.

Most Battle of Polytopia is based on strategizing. Strategy of using the resources allowances in the best way. It is a game about to ruling the world to fight against the evil in the form of artificial intelligence clans or tribes, would research hunting and utilize nearby and tasty wildlife will beneficial? Or which smart trick to getting the technology advance to forge huge swords, in this way empowering you to merrily overcome match urban communities? Generally, at that point, this is Civilization in microcosm – a splendidly considered versatile interpretation of 4X gaming (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) that betters genuine CIV recreations that have showed up on iPhone. Score will be given at the end of the round. Limited moves which make the game very complex. You have to make a strategy how to get more loot and by making best moves when having limited time and resources.

The game also have another more interesting mode known as domination mode which is for the pro or bloodthirsty players. In this mode you will play until the last tribe will remains standing.

Game have online battle where you can beat your friends and compete in the global high score list. Map generate auto makes every game a new experience with the unlimited replay of the battle. Different tribes can be picked. Wander in the dark cold forests of barduria, investigate the hot kickoo jungles or assert the lush field of the imperious empire

2. Imago

There is a hint of threes about imago but this sliding tiles is puzzler based is more complex then it rival at first. The game play is challenging but also you enjoyable. With the right pick of the element of the block you can easily win the game. You can spend hours on playing imago. Before starting the game you have to pay a little attention of the short helpful tutorial because it will explain you the basic elements of the game. Focus and learn your basics because it really get hard depending on your progress in the game. In terms of size numbered pieces are merged and dragged but it only score unless or until they get to be too big. You have to merge the pieces of same size and color. Then they break apart in to small pieces. Large block with each retaining the large block. This game is a based on strategizing. All you need to do is to think long term. Imago has simple enough graphics but more complex and mind game. In images you have to try positioning the block so the score will ramps up. Place the tile on the right place so you can end up soaring into the millions – or even billions – during the final few turns. Imago is a very complex but eases you in gentle. There are four methods of imago which will explain the core concept of the game. By playing more and more you will get good enough and then you will be able to unlock imago which won’t be able to destroy the blocks apart until or unless they are two-by-eight in size which is to be very massive. When you complete a one game you will be offering additional turns for cash. This would not be so bad sometimes you need only one or two turn to complete the puzzle but you run out of moves then you can use this option which can help you to win. There is another interesting feature in the game. Which is when you have beaten your high score the game says you are so close and offer a purchase. Earn the achievement and get more score. The leadership board can be shared on Facebook and game center so that you friend can view your score too. There is also a daily flight zone in the game where you can test your skills. Every day has its own unique challenging skill base puzzle. If you are a fan of puzzler then yes it will be hell fun to playing this game. This is the best freebie puzzle game on app store with having daily bases puzzles. Imago is optimized for iPad, iPod and iPhone free charge. Transformative Puzzle Game by the developers Arkadium.

3. Alphabearis

Is it a word game? Yes but this is stars bears even better. It’s really so good and even very easy to get through. Alphabearis starts with a board with some letters are given on it. Tap out the word and the space the letter took up replaced by bears immediately. Which surrounded instantly by more letters. Alphabearis also have the complications in the form of timer which would be countdown. So you have to complete in given time. Letter start out as a green and if it unused over subsequent then it will turn to yellow, orange and then at the end red. Ignore the red letter as the peril because it’s useless it will transform in to rocks so that it will block the bears so that they won’t expand. You might be wondering about the word ‘bears’ and the expanding’ that I have used in the previous sentence, but we haven’t make a mistake by using these words.

The bears do stretch to fill the blank or available space in the Alphabearis. So tall and thin bears you will get, squat and weird bears and there is a holy patter filling the entire screen with bears all around. When the round is ended the giant beasts showed up the result which will is immense satisfaction for the player. As the game is very interesting but there is also a drawbacks of such bear oriented antics. It require the internet constantly. Still this bear alphabet game is full of fun.

4. Crazy Taxi

The name explains the whole game. In this game you have to pick someone. And drop them to their destination and the green arrow on the top of the screen hover indicate where you should head. Although, if you get too crazy they will jump out from the taxi. Learn the location is the key to increase your earning. This game is perfect to experience as taxi driver.

5. Really Bad Chess

This game is about if someone really don’t know about chess but want to learn you get the usual board and the usual pieces – just not the usual number of pieces in their typical places.

You will get in your first game all the queens. While on the other end the computer will get lake of anything good. The game has a rank that improved in rank will make the situation more balanced. This for the newcomers became an interesting game to learn chess in a very easy and specific way. It also includes weekly and daily challenge just to improve your hand.

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